Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact Review

Purely because it was very cute, I had to purchase this Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Candy Solid Perfume!

What is your opinion on solid perfumes? They remind me of being a kid, to be honest, but I find them quite handy and easy to top up.  I like Pacifica ones especially!

Anyway this Etude House solid perfume is called Pink Candy so you can guess what it’s like!

Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact
It is presented like a lolly; but it isn’t actually that shape! The stick is there for presentation only!

The compact – it is solid with a slightly waxy feel.  Also it is swirly:

Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact 1

It is quite a big palette, like a pressed powder shape; therefore not so handy.

This perfume is a very sweet candy shape; it is very sweet but actually not that sickly! It’s quite nice but there’s no doubt it’s quite one note.  There might be some vanilla there too.

It is quite a creamy texture – it spreads into the skin easily and sinks in.


Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact 2

It lasts for about 4-5 hours then lingers a little bit – I used this on my pulse points mainly and it’s kinda cute!

I like this product although it is a very simple sweet scent.  Nothing fancy, not that sophisticated but quite nice to wear anyway.

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  1. says

    4 hours! wow, that’s some lasting power. None of the solid perfumes I’ve tried have any sort of lasting power on me – I’ve only tried Fragonard and Pacifica. Oh, the Crazy Libellule solids last alright on me, but I haven’t been crazy about the actual scents so far – they just don’t suit me.

  2. Jen says

    I do quite like solid perfumes because they are so much more convenient to carry about in the bag, but I’ve yet to find one in a scent that I really really like :( I have seen a gorgeous Swarovski Aura one knocking about though