Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Matte Eyeshadow Review! Such Gorgeous Mattes!

I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern now; I seem to haul a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow, but you know as a beauty blogger, it’s kind of what I do.

Sometimes something I buy or am sent to review really wows me – and these little solo eyeshadows from Etude House’s Petit Darling range are absolutely gorgeous!


Matte Eyeshadows…I do like, in that, they have their place.

I used to do shimmer all over my eyelid – urgh, it was horrible, made my entire eye area pop. These days I really see how flattering matte with a hint of shimmer as as opposed to the all over glitter ball look.

I wanted these Etude House shadows for a while but because they seemed boring, I put it off until one of those late nights.

I bought three shades (I have since purchased Vanilla which is just a creamy off white):


Let’s take a closer look!…I love the packaging of theses eyeshadows – they’re kind of princessy and cute, although they are just plastic and not amazing quality.

In fact, my Vanilla eyeshadow came fully sealed but the clip was a broken (so it closed but wasn’t being held in place). I wouldn’t check any of these eyeshadows around…

Also in my carry round make up bag I wouldn’t have room for all four of these; hence a multi shade palette would win.


The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is EXCELLENT, I’d even say that these are the nicest mattes I have used for a long, long time, if not EVER. They’re just buttery soft and really pigmented – there’s no chalkiness at all in these which is great considering the price (these are CHEAP in Korea, on eBay I paid about $9 each).

First shade is Cafe, a neutral beige, so perfect for toning down a bright or shimmery look. It’s not nude enough to use all over; it’d look a bit dirty, but it’s fine as a base for the lid or I use it with my dark/bright shadows above the crease area.


I like how all four shades in this range are neutrals, yes, but also punchy and totally useful for a number of looks. A highlight, a crease shade, a lid shade, a liner shade…you have everything you need really.

Cocoa is a rich coffee brown and it’s just beautiful:


Charcoal is not a grey, rather a deep dark black infused with the slightest hint of a gunmetal shade. Can you use this instead of a black? Hell yes! It’s way nicer than the MAC carbon shadow I recently bought. It’s so richly pigmented…


Swatches – no primer or bases, just a quick sweep. In my experience mattes do not swatch so well but these are great:


In terms of lasting ability, I think these are as good as most eyeshadows – I always prime so these lasted all day.


Totally gorgeous pigmented, creamy mattes that I have searched for for a long time. It’s a good price and the shades are completely useful for a number of looks.

Any down side?

The packaging is cute but not so sturdy, the prices are marked up from retail (but it’s just one of those things unless you have a contact in Korea!).

I hope they bring out more shades in these beautiful mattes I’ll be first in the (eBay) queue.

I bought these from eBay here.

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  1. says

    I have yet to try out anything from Etude House, but I really want to after seeing your swatches. ^^ Those mattes DID swatch so beautifully (I love Cocoa 03 especially)! And the packaging is very cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patty says

    The etude house stuff remind me of the old Lavshuca packaging for the single eye shadows! They seem quite amazing so I might just get them when I’m in one of “those” moods. A girl can’t have enough great mattes!! They are such rare finds! I just hope they’ll be of for my eyes. They’ve been so sensitive these past 2 years..

  3. says

    The shades are beautiful, but…why do these have beige packaging when the rest of the petit darling eyeshadows have black packaging?