Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails Review and Swatches

I don’t know what it is about doing my nails that I find so boring; I think it’s the issue of drying time and how it always, one way or another ends up slightly smudged, or with some cat hair on it, or with duvet marks embedded on the surface.  Doing your nails properly takes time; not tons of time but time nonetheless, so I am all for quick, easy to use polish.

On the Korean market there have been a lot of this trio nail polish sets (especially from Etude House) and the idea is that you layer the three colours.  They have quite a few variations now although they are all quite natural looking. I bought two sets from their Party Queen Graduation Nails range in Gold and Pink:Etude house part queen graduation nails

I paid about £6.50 each for these sets so they are quite good value since you get 3 polishes. I am sure they are even cheaper at Korean retail price.

The polishes look just like standard Etude House Petit Darling range, they are full size….

There’s a guide at the back of the box on how to apply the polish – the pale sheer shimmery base colour first, the glittery shade on the middle and the super glittery chunky polish on the tips.

The finished result is graduated glittery nails.

Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails

This is easy peasy for people who do their nails a lot – for me, well I can mess up anything when it comes to my nails.  I am hoping the shades just blend away so it doesn’t look too obvious!

The gold set:


Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails 1

The pink set:


Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails 2

So I tried this and you know, it’s not too bad.  Even with me being as bad as I am at doing nails, I got a decent enough effect from it and from a distance you can’t see where I just slapped on shade no. 2!  I can see why they are sheer delicate colours now, so it’s not too obvious where the new colour starts.

My main criticisms of Etude House polishes is that they seem to take an age to dry, can be somewhat thick, and without a top coat won’t last more than 2/3 days.

Pink nail and gold nail:

Etude House Party Queen Graduation Nails 3


These don’t take too much effort to do and the result is pretty. You can of course just pick 3 shades that sort of go from your own collection and use that instead :)

What do you think? Is this your kind of thang? Would you buy these sets?

*I bought these from eBay

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