Etude House Look At My Eyes Duet in Orange OR201 – Review

Etude House is a Korean brand who are certainly very prolific – they are always releasing new products and colours to existing ranges! This fairly new eyeshadow duo caught my eye – it comes in 4 colour choices and the orange duet really called me…

Look At My Eyes Duet OR201

The shade is OR201 – there is also a pink, brown and purple choice.  The idea of these duos is to create a fuss free soft and natural looking eye make up.

Here are the other colours:

Etude House Look At My Eyes Duet 3g

The packaging reminds me of good old Shu Uemura (I haven’t used the brand for so long!) in a thick clear plastic case. There are two colours, the matte base and shimmery ‘pop’ complimentary colour:

Look At My Eyes Duet OR201 1

Western brands for me are still better at doing eyeshadows than their Asian counterparts – a large proportion of the colours I buy from the Far East run into the shimmery and sheer category.  This must be what that market demands, but I personally like more pigment and oomph in my colours.  

Etude House’s Look At My Eyes Duet falls into the same category as the other Asian eyeshadows I have – soft, sheer and shimmery.  I kind of expected this from the eye looks on the official website but nevertheless, I hoped the shimmery colour would have more pop to it. 

Look At My Eyes Duet OR201 3

The matte shade is fine as a base – it is not uber creamy and it isn’t chalky either. It’s just ok.  The shimmery shade is a pretty highlighter and I have a thing for tangerine on the eyes at the moment so I quite like it – there is a good portion of gold which makes it pretty, however a touch more pigment would be wonderful.

Even though this isn’t a knockout eyeshadow duo I can totally see how it would work for people who don’t really wear much eye make up but want to start wearing a little because it’s not too pigmented, it’s easy to blend, it’s pretty, it’s easy to use and not confusing.  I have a million colours so of course this doesn’t excite me too much but for someone else…I can see why this would work. 

Look At My Eyes Duet OR201 2

The gold in the orange does make it very nice.  

The idea with this palette is to use the base all over then the glitter shade over the centre of the lid. The glittery shade doesn’t have that much fall out which is impressive and the base shade does a good job of evening out the skin and creative a nice oil-free base for the glittery colour. 

Look At My Eyes Duet OR201 4

Overall this eyeshadow duo is pretty and I can see it will work for a really simple summery eye.  the more I look at it the more I like it, at least in this interesting orange colourway. However, I am not tempted by any of the other colour choices which look at bit dull to me. 

Recommended for make up beginners or for people looking for a simply but pretty look.

Do you like this kind of palette?

*Puchased by me

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