Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range; Essence Spa, Sunshine Whitener, Quick Dry Drop & Overnight Hardener Review!

Etude House are forever coming out with new sub-ranges. One of their newer collections is the Help My Finger (ahem) range, which is a collection of nail care products. 

I got a selection of items to try;

Sunshine Whitener, Overnight Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Drops and Essence Spa (a cuticle moisturiser). 

Help My Finger Etude House

Help My Finger…is an unusual name for a range of nail products…I know this. For some reason, Korean and Japanese brands do come up with the strangest names! 

Sunshine Whitener

Sunshine Whitener is a polish-treatment product that helps manage yellowness from frequent polish wearing and is also supposed to help strengthen the nails and add gloss. It can be left on and worn as a polish. 

Whilst I don’t wear polishes that often, my nails can look yellowy and dull sometimes so I got this to make my nails look fresher. 

Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range Review

This product leaves a very sheer white finish to the nails that does indeed, leave the nails looking cleaner and quite natural. I don’t know if it would work with very white nails though. For example, I’ve had horrible stained nails before, and it was so horrid that nothing but going over it with a dark polish would cover it. 

2. Overnight Nail Hardener

This is a nail strengthener which you apply at night then wash off in the morning. It leaves a slightly glossy finish to the nail only despite it looking pink.

My nails grow long very quickly but they are prone to splitting at the sides, so I thought I’d try this.  Now- the washing off thing. I poo-pooed this and left it on thinking it’d make my nails EXTRA strong and, 4 weeks later, I still have a patch of polish on my nail that WON’T come off. It’s just a shiny patch in the middle of my nail and it’s mildly annoying. So, please, do wash it off the next day. 

Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range Review

Having said that this does seem to add some strength to my nail but there’s little guidance on the packaging on how often to do this (like OPI Nail Envy will say use it for X weeks etc.)  I used it consecutively for 1 week and I have had no breakages so far, but then I guess it can only strengthen for as long as that part of the nail you treated is still there!

Quick Dry Drop

This product comes in a clear round bottle with a dropper – you apply 1-2 drops per nail and leave it to dry but one again there is a lack of direction here – how long do you leave it on for? No one knows! 

Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range Review 1

I tried this on my nails…now I am impatient. With quick dry drops I expect them to work in 5 minutes tops…I tested it at that point and it did seem pretty dry as in, I could touch it and I wasn’t left with a thumb print, HOWEVER, I was left with a feeling there was still some necessary drying ‘underneath’ as it felt slightly soft. I wouldn’t have at that point thrown on a coat and went for a walk, I am sure I would’ve been left with some imprints in the polish. 

Fully dry – more like 15 minutes with this product. 

Essence Spa

This is a clear gel like serum which is used to moisturise the cuticles and nail.  I like the face it’s in a pen type applicator – less fuss than using a polish type product and 2 clicks is all you need to get enough for both nails. 

I really do prefer the gel to a cuticle balm or oil as I hate residue left over on my hands and this doesn’t do that.

Etude House Help my Finger Nail Care Range Review 2

I am really bad at remembering to use hand cream and cuticle products but this is really nice, I would definitely carry it around and TRY to remember to moisturise! 


Actually quite a decent nail care range, well worth checking out, each product is around £5-6 from eBay.

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