Etude House Dear My Party Nails Nail Polish Swatches & Review WH902, PBK801 and WH903

The Etude House ‘Dear My’ range has a large selection of nail polishes and lipsticks, lip glosses…the products are split into different collections, in this case the nail polishes are from the ‘Party Nails’ range (lots of glitter!).  There is also the neon colours range, the dark polishes range etc.  They’re also affordable at £2-£3 and cute!

I purchased 3 colours from the My Party range. I’ve noticed that there are lots of these multi coloured glitter polishes (and the milky base ones) around at the moment, so I didn’t think there was any reason to buy more of those.

I bought WH902, PBK801 and WH903:

Etude House Glitter Nail Polish 1

The nail polishes come in very cute sturdy bottles with a pink lid.  They polishes have quite a thick texture although I find them quite easy to use they also take a little while to dry. 

Here is the whole range:

EtudeHouse Dear My Party Nails 16 Colors You Pick Polish | eBay 2EtudeHouse Dear My Party Nails 16 Colors You Pick Polish | eBay 1

I think the selling point of these polishes is that they are very dense in glitter and also have base colours that really show up too rather than running sheer.  Anyway, swatches!

Sorry about my messy nail polish application and cuticles!

WH902 – a clear base with pieces of rough shaped glitter – when applied on top of a dark colour it gives of red/green shimmers and adds a glossy finish:Etude House Dear Party Nails WH902

Love this – it’s quite pretty to look at and good fun over a dark polish.

PBK801 – is a black base with red glitters.  It is genuinely dark and doesn’t require any other base coat. It takes 2 coats to get this coverage:

Etude House Dear My Party Nails Nail Polish Swatches Review WH902 BK801 and WH903 1

I like this a lot too although it took a while to dry and if you don’t wait for the first coat to dry properly (which I don’t tend to…I’m in a rush!) it looks mega gloopy. Still, I am impressed by how dark the base is and I like the vampire-y red on top! Think I might buy the pink version of this too!

WH903 – is a choppy silver glitter foil top coat – it’s like American Apparels Meteor Shower (which I bought) but in silver! And much cheaper:

Etude House Dear My Party Nails WH903

This definitely takes at least 2 coats to get coverage – Meteor Shower has more ‘bits’ in it, but it’s not a huge problem. Once again a nice fun polish although I prefer WH902!

So that’s my mini nail haul for you! I am tempted by some of their other dark polishes for the winter season!

Do you like nail polishes with special effects?

*Purchased from eBay

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