Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Collection Christmas 2009

Do you know what we need for Christmas? A bit of old school glamour, and Estee Lauder’s Ultimate Red collection is kinda what I was looking for:

estee lauder ultimate red-3.jpg

The key is, I suppose, getting these products and making them look wearable for the day and looking youthful too.

There are two variations, Gold Opulence (what I have) and Lavish Plum:

estee lauder gold.jpg

At first glance, its not not so ‘gold- there’s one gold but the warm reddish brown and black aren’t necessarily in the typical “gold” category.

ultimate gold estee lauder.jpg

For a closer look –

estee lauder ultimate red-1.jpg

I wasn’t sure how pigmented these would be, but they are just lovely and super creamy. This is from one layer of shadow:

estee lauder ultimate red .jpg

The shadow is not as reddish as I thought it would be, its more of a golden brown with highlights.

I got two lipsticks too, in Gold and Simply Red:

estee lauder ultimate red-2.jpg

I LOVE the fluted pattern on the lipstick!

Gold (this is a very true, rich gold, almost like an old gold):

estee lauder lipstick ultimate gold.jpg

This is Simply Red, which seems to be neither overly blue or orange in tone:

ultimate red estee lauder.jpg


estee lauder lipstick ultimate red.jpg

The lipsticks are very pretty pigmented, last quite a long time although it felt more comfortable on if I use lip balm first.

My two Opulent Shimmer Glosses:

estee lauder lip gloss.jpg

Cranberry (shimmer red):

estee lauder red lip gloss.jpg

Gold (love this – it has lots of micro sparkles in it, I even detect some green sparkles):

lip gloss estee lauder.jpg


estee lauder lip gloss-1.jpg

The lipglosses are lovely, definitely a nice way to wear some colour if the lipsticks are a bit too scary for you.

I am going to use these products for some Tutorials/Looks so tune back!

What do you think? Would you go for the Ultimate Red collection?

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