Estee Lauder Signs A Chinese Model Liu Wen as a Global Face

So its been announed that Estee Lauder have signed two new models, Constance Jablonski from France and Liu Wen from China.

Over the years, models in Estée Lauder’s global campaigns have hailed from the U.S. (Karen Graham, Willow Bay, Carolyn Murphy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Rhoda), the U.K. (Elizabeth Hurley), Czech Republic (Paulina Porizkova), Poland (Anja Rubik) and Ethiopia (Liya Kebede).

I read this with a lot of interest over the fact that Estee are using a Chinese model in their Global campaigns. Very few mainstream brands use Chinese models for their GLOBAL campaigns if at all. For example, Zhang Ziyi models for Maybelline but her ads are only shown in Asia.

Constance Liu Wen is already a top model in China:

Constance LIU for estee lauder.jpg

Being a British Chinese Woman, I think its a positive thing (without gushing and breaking into ‘we are the world’) and its about time a major brand used Chinese model. How much money is spent on luxury items in South East Asia? A lot.

There’s serious money to be made with the Asian market and a lot of the women I know over there, young and old will seriously hand over a lot of moolah in return for good quality products. Also I think it will be a step towards integrating Chinese faces into mainstream media – something which is still seriously lacking in the UK.

But I’m wondering – if you aren’t Chinese will seeing make up on a Asian face hold appeal for you?

If you are Asian or from a so called Ethnic Minority, do you think this is a good move?

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    • Row says

      Hi Grace
      So she appeals to you? I do personally like seeing Asian models, I like to see how they do their eye make up as the shape is quite different to a deep crease a Western eye has.

  1. liloo/tsunimee says

    great move. beautiful model, fantastc cheek bone structure.
    but is it me or has she got a hint of a moustache there? ^_^

  2. says

    I think a pretty face is pretty face, regardless of nationality/race/sex. It is nice to hear that more brands are branching out of their comfort zone, though.

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, she is stunning! I personally love seeing ethic models — it’s nice to know that companies are no longer forgetting about us or tossing us to the side. I tend blame Caucasian-predominance in advertisements to the fact that many people I’ve met seem to be under the impression that because they’re Asian they can’t be pretty, which is ridiculous!

    Not lovin’ the shadow in this photo, but I’m dying to know what the promo will look like!

  4. Holly-Rae says

    If the products look beautiful on her (which no doubt they will) then I don’t think I’d be put off. Really, this is long overdue!

  5. says

    She appeals to me very much. When I started buying make-up, most of the models were the all-american, blonde, blue-eyed type. I didn’t identify with that look, and was really glad when Isabella Rossellini signed as the Lancome spokesmodel as her colouring is somewhat similar to mine. I like to see make-up on as many different, interesting faces as possible.

  6. says

    She is beyond beautiful and I think it’s awesome that EL is branching out to include an Asian woman as a global face for the brand. I’m a Caucasian American woman “of a certain age”, lol, and I also wish they would follow L’Oreal’s example and occasionally feature an older model as well. The world is a wonderful and diverse place; any company that wishes to become/remain a global presence needs their advertising to reflect the same. I enjoy reading your blog every day and also Grace London’s “London Makeup Blog”. Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. mayrei says

    i think any beautiful model is going to appeal to most everyone, regardless of ethnicity/color/etc. She’s gorgeous.

  8. says

    Thumbs up for this little breakthrough in the beauty marketing industry – more diversity! I love it! I’d love to see some more eyeshadow looks on an asian eye, uber helpful!

  9. helen says

    Estee Lauder is known for finding extraordinary beautiful women (starting with Paulina Porizkova in the 80’s) to promote their beauty products.

    I am Asian. Sorry, but I think Estee Lauder missed the mark this time for finding their very first extraordinary beautiful Asian face.

    I am also Chinese. Again, I think Estee Lauder got it not right. Liu Wen may appeal to Westerners, but IMO, not so to the Chinese public. Liu Wen may be considered just pretty by the Chinese, and maybe that is what Estee Lauder was looking for.

    For me, an extraordinary Chinese beauty could be variations of celebrities Fei Wong, Michelle Reis and others. I quess, it is “each to her own” on who is stunningly beautiful.

    Still, I am glad that Estee Lauder has finally decided to use an Asian to represent their products. And congrats to Liu Wen.