Estee Lauder Pure Colour Stay On Eye Shadow Paints in Halo, Extreme Emerald & Cosmic Review and Swatches!

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved cream eyeshadows.  Whilst other protested, ‘But they crease!’, I would say, ‘It’s totally worthhh itttt!”.

Japanese cream or jelly eyeshadows, in my experience are the best at being none crease, but, as pretty and sparkly as they are, they lack pigment.  Shiseido’s Hydro Power is probably one of the first creamy eyeshadows I thought had decent pigment and iron proof wear time. 

Enter Estee Lauder’s new offering, the Pure Colour Stay On Eye Shadow Paints, currently in 9 colours (see here). I have 3 to review:

Estee Lauder Stay On Eyehsadow Halo Extreme Emerald Cosmic

They say:

Light-emitting dimensional pearls create shimmer to high-metallic finishes. Finger paint it onto lids. Glides on quickly, wears infinitely – all day. 12-hour wear. Crease-free. Won’t fade

The first thing I noticed was that these pots are more compact than the other Estee Lauder cream eyeshadows I have tried.  The black lid is sleek, (I was expecting Royal blue or Gold, the classic Lauder colours!).  

I could choose 3 shades, so I picked Halo, a nude shimmery cream base colour, Extreme Emerald, a rich bright leafy green and Cosmic, a warm chocolate brown with gold and coppery red fleck in it.  See, I’m covering all bases! 

With this particular pot, as it is smaller than some others (ie. Maybelline 24 hour tattoo) I found it harder to use my finger to dip in so got some out with my nail then spread it or used a brush. It’s not a bad idea really, to use a brush, it’s more hygienic! 

The texture of these cream shadows is quite light, almost mousse like when spread but is build able.  1 layer is quite sheer, but as it’s quite light, I found building up the colour was fine, no crumbling or messy thick layering going on. Estee Lauder Stay On Eyeshadows Halo Extreme Emerald Cosmic

Halo, as I mentioned in a neutral beige with some fine shimmer. It is a brilliant base colour – it quickly evened out my eyes covering any redness and left a very natural, eye brightening base.  Eyeshadows also clung on well to it. 

Extreme Emerald is a rich metallic green, the kind of bright colour I love.  This one has to be built up though to achieve the same type of colour in the pot, which I would do each time as I don’t see the point of a sheer extreme emerald! I recently purchased 10 Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoos (which I will review soon) with a selection of greens, as it’s my favourite shade, but none of them are quite as perky as this green.

Cosmic was the wild card for me, not the emerald.  Cosmic is not the usual rich brown, it’s actually I found quite warm, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s rich and fuzzy, like a teddy bear.  It has red and gold flecks within it. When layered I found the red flecks more obvious.  

Estee Lauder Stay On Eyehsadow Halo Extreme Emerald Cosmic Review and Swatches

These eyeshadows have a wet feeling to them, therefore you have a minute or two to play and move or remove it before it sets.  it doesn’t glob…I found jelly eyeshadows can be like that, if you don’t spread them quickly they set and leave uneven patches.  This cream shadow gives you some room to manoeuvre. 

Once set, I found it lasted all day – no problems. No creasing either and I have quite a deep crease. 

To demonstrate, one layer of Cosmic and Halo as a base:

Estee Lauder Stay On Eyehsadow Halo Extreme Emerald Cosmic Review and Swatches 1


As expected these are very good, long lasting cream eyeshadows that don’t budge or crease.  The shades are quite nice too, although there are only 9 to choose from I am sure this range will expand. I love Halo, if you are looking of a good base shade this works really well. 

These cost £19 each, the full 9 colours is available at Debenhams online I noticed with free shipping! Do you collect Debehams points? I don’t intentionally collect them but I’ve actually had £5 credit available to me a good few times so it’s worth considering! 

*PR samples

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