Estee Lauder Invisible Powder Make Up Review

Estee Lauder’s Invisible Foundation is one of my new favourites; it’s liquidy like MAC face and body but offers a good amount of coverage and a glowing finish that doesn’t look like you’ve been standing over a hot cooker. 

Estee Lauder recently released a Invisible Powder Make Up and I have given it a trial run. I love compact foundations but usually the creamy textured sort because of the dry skin I have.  I have a lot of powder foundations from Asian brands since they are popular over there due to the hot and humid climates (the powder controls oil and sweat better – not something we have to worry about too much in the UK!). 

Estee Lauder Invisible Powder Make Up Review

They say: Powder gelée makeup combines everything you love about liquid, powder and gel textures into an innovative tri-blend formula.  Creates an airbrushed, polished finish. Ultra light, ultra breathable.  Feels silky as it touches your skin. Builds invisibly without looking powdery or cakey. Blends so perfectly for the look and feel of bare skin-only better.

Oil-free. Oil-controlling. Talc-free.

This is the weirdest textured powder foundation I have ever tried…

To use this foundation you can use a brush or the provided sponge; one side is for a sheer coverage (the velvety side) and the sponge side is for more coverage. This can be used alone or over a liquid foundation.

Estee Lauder Invisible Powder Make Up Review 1

The packaging is typical Estee Lauder in dark blue with gold lettering. If I am honest it’s a bit boring and I would’ve loved a little twist – a bit like how Chanel did the Les Beiges packaging for a change. 

Now this texture business.  I expected a creamy or possibly airy textured powder. Wrong! Running my finger over this, the powder felt very hard and dry – a bit like how powder I imagine would feel if you were to bake it or leave it out to dry in the sun.  So to finger swatch, it was quite pigmented but also just quite hard texture. 

HOWEVER! Despite this weird hard texture the powder foundation is JUST right.  I wasn’t expecting that – I thought it would stick to dry patches and look cakey and offer little coverage. The powder feels very airy and light on the skin yet somehow evens everything out nicely without much effort. 

A bit of Invisible foundation underneath and what a BEAUTY! Even skin but so natural and light light light. 

Estee Lauder Invisible Make Up Review

Let’s talk about shades – there are 14 shades once again split into Warm, Cool and Neutral. Mine is 3CN1 which works fine – I would usually go for warm but this works just fine.  

Here is my before and after – you can see where I had redness on my cheek it hasn’t covered it totally but I wouldn’t expect something that is ‘invisible’ wear to.  It evens everything out without looking heavy and surprisingly, my skin is still quite glow-y. Can’t say fairer than that.

Estee Lauder Invisible Foundation Powder Make Up Review


I am really into light and easy to use bases at the moment so I most certainly am enjoying this powder and on top of the Invisible Make Up which I am obsessed with for a daily easy base, it works really well.  I am not oily so I don’t know how well it would control oil but it does seem to have the qualities of a setting powder. It is very uncakey which I also like mucho! A bit like MAC Careblend powder but with more coverage. 

You can buy this powder foundation for £29 here (or Boots/Selfridges etc.) 

*PR Sample

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  1. puppy says

    Hello! Major problem, please help!
    I use Invisible fluid in shade 4WN1 which is a perfect color match for me, but Invisible powder is available only in CN undertone in my country. :( Do You think it is yellow enough to suit me? Lets say… the 4CN1 or 3CN2? Or are they too pinky for a “4WN1? person like me? I would really appreciate your response!

    • Row says

      Hi Puppy…

      Hmmm I can’t be 100% sure. I have Invisible fluid in 3CN1 (I wear MAC NC30-35) and find it blends well (although it recently oxidised and became a lot darker!!!). I currently have this powder foundation in 3CN1 – which I believe is a really nice fit for my skintone – it doesn’t feel too light OR too dark and because it’s natural finish you can’t tell if it is a shade or two away.

      As for weather if will fit your skintone – I really can’t be sure :( But I can say my skin is yellow based and quite warm (olive) and I find that 3CN1 is perfectly yellow enough for me (and I am Chinese) – in fact I don’t like my base to be ‘too’ yellow I find it’s more flattering if it has a bit of beige in it too.

      N – is neutral so you might be ok whereas if it was ‘C’ – for cool I would be more concerned.

      Good luck with whatever you decide to do! You could always check out places like Strawberrynet or somewhere that ships internationally if you want to get a matching powder!