Estée Lauder Introduces The Nutritious Skincare Collection in the UK

Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Skincare range has been around in South East Asia for a few years and it is now being launched in the UK!

Estée Lauder’s New Nutritious Skincare Collection delivers a unique regime that incorporates three key actions: detoxify, neutralise and infuse and is a complete approach to radiant, healthy looking skin.

The range utilises the latest skincare technology and ingredients, including pomegranate extract.


I am particularly excited about this range because there are so many brilliant Asia exclusive skincare ranges, produced by the beauty heavyweights that are never brought over to the UK.

Asian women are particularly fussy about skincare, and in my opinion will spend more money on getting fantastic skin rather than make up to conceal imperfections – so this will a interesting range to try out!

Also I like how straightforward the range seems to be – there’s 5 products – a 2 in 1 cleanser, lotion, essence, creme and an eye gel.

1) Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser

Directions for use: AM: Use as a foaming cleanser, massage gently over wet skin then rinse with warm water. PM: Use as a deep purifying cleanser, massage onto dry skin and leave for 5 minutes to draw out impurities, before rinsing with warm water.

2) Nutritious Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion

Contains pomegranate juice, rice bran extract, calcium, magnesium and zinc. To use, after cleansing pat on face using cotton pad or fingertips, AM and PM.<strong> [Asian skincare features lotions heavily as opposed to toner.]

3) Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence

Contains apple extract, japanese extract and green tea extract. Use AM and PM after the lotion.

4) Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Gel Crème

Contains pomegranate oil extract, oilve fruit extract, melon fruit and avocado fatty acids and hyaluronic acid. Apply AM after Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence.

5) Nutritious Vita-Mineral Infusing Eye Gel

Contains a brightening botanical blend of Mulberry, Scutellaria and Grape Extracts, and an extra soothing blend of Pomegranate, Cucumber, Aloe, Grape Seeds, Spike Moss and Mushroom Extract. Use AM and PM.

The Nutritious Skincare Collection will be available at Estée Lauder counters at Selfridges nationwide from 1st March 2011.

Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, 125ml RRP £22.00
Nutritious Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion, 200ml RRP £40.00
Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence, 30ml RRP £38.00
Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Gel Crème, 50ml RRP £43.00
Nutritious Vita-Mineral Infusing Eye Gel, 15ml RRP £32.00

Would you try a skincare range like this? Does skincare inspired by Asia or made for Asian skin appeal to you if you are not of Asian descent?

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  1. Jen says

    Ooh yes!! Completely agree with you on how ladies in Asia are more willing to spend more on skincare, and I’m excited that companies are starting to release previously Asia-only ranges over here in the UK. I always prefer to spend more on my skin, as it means I have to use less base product and I do prefer the “natural” look (theoretically this should mean I buy less makeup, but…nope lol)
    Are you going to be reviewing this range for us :)

  2. Mariko says

    Just a heads up, I used the face cleanser and foundation in this Nutritious line and both disappointed me. The face cleanser felt very stripping on the skin (I already have oily skin, so I wonder how this feels on dry) and it didn’t feel like it was doing anything for my skin other than cleaning it each day.

    As for the foundation, it’s light but gives a VERY dewy finish, making it not ideal for humid or hotter days. It also doesn’t last very long on the skin. Because it’s dewy, I found touching it at all would cause the fdt to transfer onto my hands.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Jasmine says

    I’m from Singapore but am now in London for studies, and although I haven’t tried this line, I’d like to just point out that it’s launched in Southeast Asia also because of the *climate*. Even if Mariko has oily skin, it’s absolutely nothing compared to the 30 centigrade heat and 100% humidity (and at that temperature, too!) of the climate there. I have combination-dry skin here in London (even after 6 months) that’s often flaking, while back home in Singapore I’d be a greaseball. Even though products can be purchased all over the world sometimes they’re launched in a certain area for a reason … the skincare I brought to London simply don’t moisturise my skin well enough.

    I reckon Estee Lauder’s skincare is made for dehydrated and oily skin that’s exposed to very hot and humid weather (thus the oil controlling facial wash) and dry air conditioning (thus the gel-creme and dewy foundation). So … possibly not a perfect fit here?

  4. Mariko says

    Excuse me if I didn’t make it clear, but both products were used in HK during the summer where the weather is just as bad, and also tried in England. I know a/c is quite drying but I think most ladies would agree the humidity bothers them more. Sweat even a little bit, and the foundation wears off easily.

    I’d say regardless of the weather, pass on the cleanser but if you have dry to normal skin, and don’t need too much coverage, the foundation should fare well with a good primer.

  5. Jasmine says

    Oh! Sorry, my bad. Thanks for clarifying :) were there any effects like brightening or anything on your skin?