Estee Lauder Foundation Comparison; Invisible Fluid, Double Wear Light & Double Wear Review

I have recently been doing a foundation audit and the amount of bases I have is RIDICULOUS. But I can’t help it…whilst I definitely have some loves (and they are nearly always the pricey ones) I don’t have one Holy Grail foundation that I prize over others because my skin changes, the season changes, my needs change. 

On this basis, I think it’s totally fair that these three Estee Lauder foundations have entered my life:

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Double Wear Light Double Wear Review

Estee Lauder foundations are pretty well known, especially the Double Wear base.  That frosted glass bottle right? We’ve probably seen it on our mum’s dressing tables when we were little. 

The three I have here are (the newest): Invisible Fluid Make Up, Double Wear Light and Double Wear. All the foundations have 30ml of product and come in a signature Estee Lauder Blue Box. 

At the moment I am a MAC NC30-35 – that is because my neck is darker than my face, and the NC35 makes it match up better.

Estee Lauder splits it’s foundations into W, N and C (apart from the ones that use the ‘Intensity’ guide). 

W stands for WARM, N stands for Neutral (peachy) and C is of course COOL.  I think this division method helps makes things a bit clearer for people who are buying blind (ie online), although, you can always do some mixing (for example, I find strictly ‘warm’ foundations too yellow for me, even though I am definitely warm in colouring). 

Level wise, I am around the level ‘3’ which as you can see I am matched up to in all 3 bases, and this works really well for my skintone. The ‘4’ I find is too warm and orange for my skintone but 2 looks ashy.

In these foundations I have:

Invisible Fluid Make Up – 3CN1

Double Wear Light Make Up – Intensity 3.0 – I reviewed this in 2011 but it was too dark for me then. 

Double Wear Stay In Place Make Up – 3W1 Tawny


Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Double Wear Light Stay IN Place Double Wear Foundation Review 1

The Invisible Fluid comes in a plastic container, and it MUST be shook before application, otherwise the pigment and watery bits separate. The applicator is a nozzle and you squeeze this on to your hand or wherever beforehand then apply.  This nozzle makes sense as the product is watery, it’s easier to control the amount coming out, but sometimes there is still too much seeping out.

Double Wear Light comes in a standard tube and is the most compact and easy to use of the three as you just squeeze out what you need quite easily. The product is a medium thick texture so you can’t really use too much.

Double Wear comes in that famous glass jar which I am nostalgic about and I love how high quality it feels but it is a pain, as you need to unscrew the lid (which always gets product stuck in the grooves) then pour the whole bottle over, or use something to dip it in (like a cotton bud) to get the product out. Trust me it can get everywhere- foundation-y baby alert! (However, the MAC foundation pump will fit into this, if you are so obliged). 


Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Double Wear Light Stay IN Place Double Wear Foundation Review 2

Double Wear light is actually thicker than Double Wear – more of a cream whereas Double Wear is a rich liquid.  Invisible is a watery texture. All three blend in well, there’s very little work required for an even finish. 


Invisible Fluid gives a sheer glowy finish and covers just the right amount of redness if your skin is in decent condition. I have found myself really loving this product because it doesn’t feel like you’re using a foundation and it’s effortless to use in the morning (pat pat pat with the hands – done).  It’s a really easy base for busy mums like me who just want things evening out. 

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Make Up Review

Double Wear Light gives a more flawless finish than Invisible Fluid, with less shine but still a glowy finish.  There was a time when I felt this base didn’t give me enough coverage but perhaps my skin has improved as I find this provides enough to cover redness and smooth out pores. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation Review

Double Wear offers medium to full coverage and long lasting qualities.  As you can imagine it’s a rich textured base and it does dry to quite a heavy coverage finish.I would describe it as semi-matte.  This foundation covers everything – I don’t need concealer at all after using it, so is quite good for people who want/need great coverage.

Being that kind of base though, means that inevitably, this foundation can look a little full on and flat.  Your entire face is evened out with the foundation which means you need some blush bring some life back into it.  If used all over I think it can look quite obvious that you are wearing make up…I guess the other two foundations let your natural skin show through, this one does not. 

I LOVE foundations with good coverage usually, and this one does what it says on the tin (it also lasts ridiculously well) but thinking about it, I think I would save Double Wear for when I am going out or have a long day ahead of me as I know it’ll be flawless all day.   Otherwise, it’s too heavy just for general every day wear.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation Review Stay in place

I have 3 foundations in my current foundation wardrobe – and enjoy using all of them!

Estee Lauder Foundation Comparison Invisible Fluid Double Wear Light Double Wear Review


If you are looking for a high quality,high end foundation, you could do a lot worse then trying an Estee Lauder base – I feel like their foundations are fairly consistent in performance and do what they say on the tin.

These foundations are priced £27 – £27.50 and you can buy them here. 

*PR Samples

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    very helpful post thanks! My current favourite foundation is DW but I was considering DWL for the warmer months (ha I’m from Scotland) and with my skin improving I might go for this x

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    Just want to thank you for this side-by-side comparison. This is very useful indeed. I was looking at Estee Lauder foundations, and after looking at your review, I think I’ll settle for double wear light – the coverage seems just right.