Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Make Up Review

Estee Lauder’s latest foundation release is this Double Wear Maximum Cover Make Up SPF15 – an interesting choice as we approach summer, no? Usually the brands are sheering up as opposed to…er….opaquing down?!

I don’t know much about Estee Lauder base products, I haven’t really tried any but there’s clearly lots of choice in terms of texture and shade options:


I can tell you now I am all for full cover opaque make up – no one has to apply it ALL OVER, it’s great for strategic placement, on the areas you really need it. This stuff can also be sheered out with a moisturiser, spf etc. It doesn’t have to be worn as full on cover!

What else does this foundation do….?#alttext#

This foundation has a SPF 15 and gives 12 hour of wear with a ‘surprisingly lightweight’ texture. It can be used as concealer and foundation. It can be worn on the face and body and can be used post surgery.

This foundation is indeed ‘maximum cover’ – the opacity is VERY high and I think people with redness, scars or other skin issues will find this a joy to use.

Also, it is thick but not in the traditionally thick sense – it’s still quite liquid compared to traditional high cover bases and can be blended easily.

This is 05 Creamy Tan. It’s a tad light for my NC35 skin. Check out the shade options:



Once again, this is not a base I would wear all over – I would mix it with my lotion or serum first if I wanted to apply it all all over for sure. If you need all over coverage it will work well though. I did apply this ‘neat’ to my face here to see what the result would be.

It gives surprisingly good pore cover! Redness is no problem either:


After (I also used it on my dark circles as a concealer):


This shade 05 Creamy Tan is too light for me so my face may look a bit ghostly in the pic above but you get the idea! If you are a NC35 try Medium Deep instead.

The finish is soft matte – very nice, very pretty, more flawless than dewy, more natural than full on matte. I didn’t need to powder this at all and it has very good lasting power (8 hours). It does need a good cleanser to remove it (ie. Cleansing Oil.).


I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this Maximum Cover make up from Estee Lauder – I hate clumpy thick foundations but I’m not a fan of super sheer either. This has a nice texture and only feels medium-heavy on the skin so I think it’s a hit.

The foundation is also versatile and can be used in different ways. For those who need high coverage every day this will be a good choice from overly thick concealer-like foundations. It can be used as a concealer, it can be sheered out easily with moisturiser.

I wouldn’t personally use this every day in that I don’t need ‘maximum’ cover and am too lazy to sheer it out every morning but it’s one of those I’d consider taking away with me because you then have the option of high-sheer coverage in one tube.

This foundation/make up costs £25.50 for 30ml. You can buy it online here or from counters nationwide.

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  1. says

    This has been making the rounds on blogs recently – I’m really tempted to get it to use as a concealer, & like you said, it could be sheered out for ‘ugly skin’ days. I’ll have to give Medium Deep a swatch when I’m next at the counter & see if I like it.

    Great review & swatches as usual!

    • Row says

      Hi 25

      Thank you! Let me know if you like it. I guess because this foundation is so thick it is kinda more multi use than others! x

  2. amber says

    i have acne and acne scaring , do you think this would cover the redness? i have the MAC pro long wear but it doesn’t have enough covering xxxx

    • Row says

      Hi Amber

      It covered all of my redness. Perhaps you can try it out on the counter? I found it was very opaque and enough to cover my scars x