Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Bronzing Gel & Exotic Bronzing Blush

Estee Lauder have launched two Limited Edition Bronzing Products as part of the Bronze Goddess 2010 Summer collection.

There’s a Summer Bronzing Gel (a light tinted gel) and a Exotic Bronze Blush which is somewhere between the two!

bronze goddess 2010 blush bronze bronzing gel .jpg

The bronzing gel is a lighweight, sheer formula that gives a warm, non streaky finish. I can second this – I fear tanning products very much, but this was easy peasy to use and gives a natural finish (pics later on in the post!).

bronzing gel estee lauder bronze goddess 2010.jpg

It also feels very hydrating – I have dry patches on my skin at the moment and this didn’t cling at all.

The gel:

estee lauder bronzing gel bronze goddess tinting gel.jpg

In the skin:

estee lauder bronzing gel summer 2010 tinted moisturizer.jpg

Blends in easily and can be mixed with foundation and so on. This is the first bronzing tint product I’ve used that I’ve felt has looked natural enough to be used day to day (like I said before….I don’t do tangerine).

Pre bronze:

estee lauder bronze goddess part 2010 summer .jpg

After – it adds a subtle warmth:

estee lauder brone goddess 2010 bronzing gel.jpg

The result is subtle, not orange. Its a bit more obvious in real life but once again, the word is natural:

Bronze Goddess 2010 tinting gel estee lauder.jpg

This is the bronze blush – it combines two shades, a light bronze and a coral which is the blush. It can be used all over and has a nifty zebra print.

The texture felt a little hard when I brushed the surface, but then when I used a brush, I figured it prevented me from picking up too much product.

I’ve had soft, super pigmented bronzers before and the result is always a disaster, especially when applying it in a rush so I like that this bronzer-blush is idiot proof.

estee lauder bronze goddess 2010 blushing bronzer blush zebra.jpg

Its also quite a large pan so will last for a while.

Its very natural on me – on dark skinned ladies this may be more of a blush-highlighter than a true bronzer.

estee lauder bronze goddess blushing bronzer blush 2010 estee lauder.jpg

The bronzing gel is £24 and the bronzer blush is £26. Both are LE.

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