Essence of Beauty Make Up Brushes Review

My girl, the Muse picked up these Essence of Beauty Brushes for me from the US of A a few months ago!

This was the Face set with 3 brushes and 6 different brush heads.

Over here I wouldn’t consider buying cheap brushes but I dunno why, cheap brands from abroad always seem appealing!

essence of beauty face.jpg

I think the price was $14.99 which is great value. Here are the 3 brushes:

essence of beauty brushes.jpg

I’ve had brushes with a similar handle before and I am sure that they split after a while BUT that was probably my fault for not drying it off properly when I washed it.

Here are the brushes in close up. This is the blush and powder:

essence of beauty blush and powder.jpg

A nice brush, not much shedding. Don’t know why the powder brush is smaller than the blusher brush though!

Eye Brush:

essence of beauty blusher.jpg

My least favourite. Whilst its good if you don’t have many brushes both are quite loose bristled – the square blending brush doesn’t do much for me and the eyeshadow side is a soft angled brush – I’d prefer a firm bristled brush for application.

This is the Foundation and Conceal Brush:

essence of beauty brushes-1.jpg

The best brush of the bunch! The foundation brush is sort of plump but gets into crevices (can’t explain it but its better than that hunk of junk MAC foundation brush in a similar shape) and the concealer brush is also a nice shape. No shedding at all from this brush.

I believe that you US ladies can buy Essence of Beauty Make Up Brushes here.

In the UK we have a brand called Eco Tools (sold in Superdrug) which is similar but not quite as good as Essence of Beauty in terms of range. I saw a 5pc set from Eco tools (vegan friendly) for £14.99 – has a blush brush, 2 eye brushes, concealer brush and a brow groomer (can people please stop giving us Brow Groomers! A lip brush or a blending brush would be far better!).

Any bargain brushes you want to tell us about?

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  1. says

    I just bought the Blusher Brush for under $6 at the drugstore. I was looking for a fan shaped brush to replace the one that came with my mineral powder blush, but this brush is SO MUCH BETTER! It picks up a lot of powder, the bristles are smooth, and it’s nice to use. I’m satisfied, and I thought your review was very fair.