Essence Nail Polish: Vampire’s Love Collection and Swatches

More Essence make up coming up! So when I was in Hungary I bought loads of random drugstore make up to test out.  This cheapy range, Essence had a new collection out at the time called Vampire’s Love, a few random items.  I thought the polishes looked ok so I bought all five from the collection:

Essence vampire s love 3

01 Gold Old Buffy – Deep chocolate black with gold glitter

02 Into the dark – Dark blue with very fine goldy-silver shimmer

03 True Love – Deep purple

04 The dawn is broken – Light grey with tons of silver sparkle

05 Hunt me if you can – Black with silver glitter

These are cheap!

I paid about £3 each for them. The packaging is fine, and the product itself is not bad at all, just 2 coats to get even colour although I am not sure how well this wears…I wore one for about 3 days before there was some minor chipping so I don’t think that’s bad at all.

The colours aren’t that inspired or interesting really but it’s not a bad collection at all:

Essence Vampires Love Nail Polisj

Would this collection catch your eye?

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