Environ Skincare Trial Update Part 3: 2nd Visia Scan!

Aloha!  Following my skincare trial with Environ products (started here, and here, updated here) I think this is one of the most disciplined I have been with a skincare regime for a long time. 

Now to update you with my follow up Visia skincare scan, to see what differences the products have made to my skin. 

Mary is the manager on Environ, and is a throughly knowledgable and nice advisor on all things Environ.  She took charge of the skincare scan for me.  

First off, general health:

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan

Overall Skin Health Percentile was an Increase from 66 to 83. At first I thought the increase in number was a BAD thing, but apparently this is a good thing and means my skin is in a higher ‘percentile’ range of healthy skin, if that makes skin. Ok. 

To show this skin scan stuff isn’t all about blowing your own trumpet, there were two areas which could still do with improving, but I will break down the comparisons now. On the left is an image of my face a few months before, and on the right is the most recent image.  Please note; these skin scans are NOT flattering. 

1. Skin wrinkles.

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 1

Fine lines and dehydration – not really an improvement, you can see the increased dehydration under the inner corner of the eye, but there lines on the outer eye have disappeared.  

Mary’s advice for this was to apply the AVST1 (moisturiser) right under the eye THEN add the eye gel on top, also to spend time massaging the gel into the skin (I tend to just slap it on and go). 

I was surprised by this because I really like the eye gel I have been using but as in my previous post, I do feel my skin is still somewhat dry using this routine so perhaps this measurement reflects this. 

*I didn’t think to take a picture of the Feature count feature for this one, but have done for future measurements.

2. Redness

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 2

Again, the results are neutral here – the intense redness around the nose and upper lip is because I have had a cold for the last 3 weeks and was rubbing away at the area even as I sat there at my scan!  Cheek redness has reduced to smaller ‘spots’, I was told some of the redness is blush (I went a bit overboard that day and was actually rubbing it a little to try and get it off!). 

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 3

I have been using the C-Boost product which is rich in Vitamin A and as mentioned in my previous post, it’s good for redness and pigmentation, however my skin is too sensitive to take it twice a day. I can use a thin layer and that is it but if I am honest I didn’t notice my brown spots fading. 

Two results that were rather incredible – Bacteria under the skin (Porphyrins) –

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 4

You can see how congested my cheek and nose area (ARRRGHHH IT’S A COLONY!) were, compared to how it is now. I didn’t really think my nose looked THAT much better but actually inspecting it, many blocked pores have gone on the nose area and it’s generally smoother.


Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 5

Cleansing with the Pre-Cleanse oil and Cleansing Milk, and also using a hot flannel has really made a difference it seems.

UV Spots:

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 6

Another improvement although I didn’t notice any fading of brown spots I ALREADY have.  The C-Boost product helps with this, but as my skin can’t take 2 applications per day without getting redness and flaking, my results are more moderate.

Environ Skincare Trial Update 2nd Visia Scan 7


Overall the Environ skincare has improved my skin and got me into a really good routine which I didn’t have – the range is well marked out so you know exactly what to use and when.  

Main improvements; Texture, Blemishes on my nose, overall radiance, tone. 

Things that haven’t improved or are a problem at the moment; Redness on the cheeks, odd acne and blocked pores on the cheeks/forehead, flaking some days.  I’d love to have more lift in my face – I do feel that I look so very tired some days but it could be something that only good old sleep (and a baby sitter!) can fix!

Check out the Environ range here.  If you want to try it out I highly recommend finding a salon that sells the products and can advise you because it’s a range that does need direction (ie. you can’t just jump in and use level 3 for example).  

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