Environ Skincare Trial: Part 2 Update

This is basically an update to the skincare trial I have been…er…..trialling, which is a large selection of products from Environ.  My introductory post is here, and also the funky facial I had with the brand is here.

Now, this coming week I will be returning to the Environ counter for a skin scan, using the Visia machine (same as this one at Elemis) to see what difference using their skincare has made.  I will document everything with photos and figures for an accurate report of how the range has performed!

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So why am I doing this quick update as well?

Well the reason is because whilst the skin scan should show improvements in the skin, in reality, most women will not get this kind of update to their new skincare products – all we can rely on is how we think our skin looks and feels.  The scan could tell me that I have 50% less bacterial on the skin and 40% less wrinkles, but if I don’t *think* it looks any better, then what is the use?

So this post is basically a speedy update on how I think my skin LOOKS and FEELS after trialling Environ so intensely for the last 3 months – I don’t want this update to be influenced too much by what the skin scanner tells me as it could make me subconsciously think something is better than it is.


I have been using the Pre Cleanse Oil, Cleansing Lotion, Moisturising Toner, AVST 1 Lotion, C-Boost (only introduced after 3 weeks due to the high amount of Vitamin A), C-Quence Eye Gel, AVST Hydrating Exfoliating Masque twice a weed, RAD Sunscreen and Vitamin C supplements. 

Product Pros…

i. My skin is UNDOUBTEDLY better than it was when I started this trial. 

By better I mean; firmer, smoother, nicer to feel, more even textured.  I can use lighter foundations for a good effect. There is no denying that there has been a good improvement. 

ii. Skin texture I think is the best improvement; evenness and smoothness on the surface of the skin and just generally looking more ‘alive’ rather than dull.  

iii. The C-Quence Eye Gel is fantastic. I am so lazy with eye creams and gels and I find many leave the area puffy.  This is a lightweight gel and the difference is visible. My finer lines under my eyes have become much less detectable since using this. 

iv. The whole range is very easy to use and pleasant; lightweight textures that don’t burden the skin, and it smells ok too. I haven’t had any adverse reactions APART FROM when I first started using c-boost – it was fine for the first few days then I had a reaction to the retinoid; red, itchy, flaky skin which felt hot. That wasn’t very nice so I laid of the cream for a few days. After that, we have been ok again! Other retinoid products I have used in the past have made me react much, much worse, so I think because Environ introduce Vit A gradually, it’s ok even for sensitive skin like mine. 

Product Cons…

i. My skin is dry and whilst it didn’t flake or look parched during this trial it still didn’t feel as hydrated as I like it to be (like a juicy peach, ya know?!). If I were to use this range forever, I would want an additional serum or cream to make my skin feel more moisturised. 

ii. I didn’t see a huge improvement in my pores (mainly on the cheeks, by my nose), or blocked pores on my nose.  Easier to squeeze perhaps, but they still kept coming back even with regular cleansing. 

iii. Acne – I got it now and then. Normal I guess but my point is this range didn’t prevent my usual acne from popping up.  I also got new acne in places I don’t usually, like my forehead. 

iv. Whilst my skin looked brighter, I didn’t notice any difference in areas of pigmentation (some freckles I have on my cheek that has come no doubt due to my refusal to add SPF to my daily routine). 


No doubt this is an impressive range, and I have noticed the difference when I have not used say, the eye gel for a day, or the c-boost serum. I do miss trialling other products though, it’s what I do as a beautttyyyy bloggerrrrr.  I can’t wait to see what the skin scan says this week! 

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