Engagement & Bridal Make Up Trial No. 1 at MAC Make Up

*Shuffles in..* Well….um…how do I say this….I’m coming over all shy…

I’m engaged! To Mr C that is. I know you’re thinking, I thought you were already married.  Well we aren’t, but that’s what being with someone for years and years does to you – you are practically, nearly, almost married, but in the words of Brandy, almost doesn’t count!

Here is a reenactment of the actual events:

Cat gets engaged

This actually happened quite a few weeks ago but we have been so incredibly busy, trying to move house, planning a wedding, working and other things that I’ve not had a chance to catch up and announce it really. We are not ones for a long engagement or big wedding either – actually we would happily elope – so as a middle ground we are planning to have a very small family orientated do then have some kind of party later on for friends! 

Because we’ve decided to go ahead and get married without waiting I have been planning and organising things as well as I can with everything else going on. I am incredibly chilled out to be honest (the most stressful thing has been dealing with other people!) and as long as we can get married, get some great food and nice photos, I am happy!

With limited time and more important things to be spending money on, I have decided to do my own make up on the day! So, I decided to go to some counters for trials to get ideas (this wasn’t actually as cost effective as I thought because I got suckered in to making purchases!).  

I’ll post up the other trials I’ve had over the rest of the week! 

First up I went to MAC! 

I am not necessarily a huge MAC fan, but actually over the last year or so I’ve grown to enjoy the products more.  


Booking a bridal trial with MAC is quite easy, I called up a local counter in House of Fraser (because they hate me in Selfridges) for after work. They said there is usually a booking fee of £25 but as I’d called up on the day, they waivered it.  They told me it should take 45 minutes for a bridal lesson (I was in there for nearly 2 hours in the end!). 

They have nice clean make over stands at MAC, with a big bright mirror and a stool seat which I was a little unstable on!  My MUA was Katie, who was really lovely and easy to talk too.  I explained I wanted a glowy look with bronzes and browns and went to pick some products. She never rushed me at all and picked out some colours for me. 

Products used:


MAC Cleanser (I think it was a water)

MAC Comfort Cream Moisturiser


Naked and Vanilla Pigments

Painterly Paint Pot as a Base

Black Track Gel Liner

False Lash Mascara

Empty eyeshadow palette and 4 eyeshadows, Texture, Honey Lust, Shroom and Corduroy.


NC30 Sculpt Foundation

NW20 Pro Long Wear Concealer

Medium Plus Mineralized Powder

Prism Blusher

Silver Dusk Highlighter


Dervish Lip Liner

Hot Gossip Lipstick

Ample Pink Plushglass

Here is what I took home with me:
MAC Pro Colour 4 Compact Cremesheen Pro Longwear

I really enjoyed this make up lesson to be honest!  I found that MAC had a huge selection of bridal friendly products (naturally) and the products are wearable enough to use every day too. 

What I really liked:

The base which was really glowy.  Mr C thought it was a bit too dewy though and needed blotting! You can see below that it made my skin look flawless in photos, but in real life I would say it started to cling a little to dry patches as the day went on. 

I also loved the eyeshadow choices although I would wear the liquid or gel liner thinner. 

What I didn’t like:

The highlighter which was Silver Dusk (a loose powder) was WAY too glittery. I would use highlighter but nothing like that. 

The lipstick was nice although thinking about it now Hot Gossip may not be pink or neutral enough for me. Also the Plush Glass (which has that minty tingle thing going on) isn’t for me, it made my lips look too wet. 

Paint Pot in Painterly Pro Longwear Concealer NW20 Empty eyeshadow palette and 4 eyeshadows Texture Honey Lust Shroom and Corduroy


Paint Pot in Painterly Pro Longwear Concealer NW20 Empty eyeshadow palette and 4 eyeshadows Texture Honey Lust Shroom and Corduroy 2

I love the new MAC storage cases for 4 shadows BTW! It feels sturdy and the clear lids make it easy to see which palette you’ve got! I want another one with green shades!

This is the finished face. Overall I am really happy with the trial I had at MAC, I am sure it depends on which MUA you have too but I thought she did a great job and will probably use this eye palette and concealer on the day. We’ll see!


MAC Bridal Make Up Trial

Looking dazed…I was in there for 2 hours!!!! Numb bum!

Have you ever had a bridal trial at MAC? Do you think this look is Bridal appropriate? Two more to come!

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  1. says

    Wow, congratulatios. I guess I kinda missed the tweet about it, though?
    You look gorgeous in that picture, but I agree with the highlighter being too shimmery.

  2. Paris B says

    Congratulations Rowena! I sort of guessed it -no idea how or what prompted it (just be something on twitter), but yay!! Very happy for you!

  3. says

    Congratulations! Spookily I also got engaged 2 weeks ago, we’ve been together over 10 years and are also planning a small, relaxed (30-40 people) wedding. Haven’t started planning yet but am slowly realising there’s a fair bit to do. Having never had my makeup done by anyone else I imagine I’ll end up doing myself too. Yours looks good, but agree a tad too glowy…

  4. says

    Congrats on the engagement! I think you look beautiful in your MAC trial, in the close up photos you look flawless. I do worry that it’s almost too natural though- except for the liquid liner (which I agree is too heavy) nothing would even show up in group shots- I’d vote for at least a heavier color on the cheek & lip. Can’t wait to see your next trial :))

  5. says

    O to the M to the G
    what have i just read. a review for mac makeup or a flipping wedding annoucement.
    congratulations sweetie!!!!!
    *throws ballooons and confettis in the place*
    :) :) :) xx

  6. says

    Congratulations! I like it – you look flawless and natural, but polished :)
    I vote for a little more color – maybe on the cheeks?

  7. Lizz says

    Wooo Congrats!!!!!
    Makeover looks fab, think Mr C may be right tho about the “dewyness”, dont know how that will turn out in pics?

  8. Emily says

    you look great rowena! congrats to you and mr c, i hope you have a fantastic wedding :)

  9. Jen says

    Awwww congratulations to you both…I had a feeling that some big announcement like this was coming, for some reason!
    I’ve been wedding makeup shopping with friends and my cousin, it took a whole day to find the “perfect” lip combo lol Finally got there courtesy of RMK, and the lovely MUA at Trafford :)
    You are going to look glowing on the big day itself :)

  10. Alexandra says

    Congratulations,it seems to be wedding season. My sister got married last september and then my mum got married on the may bank holiday.I would go for thinner liner and a different blush.
    If you have dior amber diamond thats lovely.

  11. says

    Congratulations! You look pretty. I love how you do your make up its fresh and natural. Its also a nice look for a everyday make up.

  12. says

    Wowwwww you look fantastic! I think you should wear your liner like that, actually. Your eyes look so big! Congrats on your wedding 😀

  13. says

    Congratulations to you both and I do love your make-up. I agree with you over the highlighter and would be concerned about it causing flashback on your photos xx

  14. says

    I can’t believe that I never saw this post *shame on myself*. Congratulations and I am so happy for you and Mr. C :) I got my makeup done at MAC for our wedding – the original girl who was supposed to do it actually moved to a different MAC counter in a different area in town, and never told me. Yikes! I was a little put off to find out on my wedding day that a girl who did the makeup trial wasn’t the same girl doing the makeup on the day of the wedding. But it all came out nice :)

  15. Lucky says

    Is it beyond weird that I was already listening to Brandy’s Almost Doesn’t Count when I read this post, or have I merely entered the Twilight Zone? I thought I was the only one who ever listened to this single; it never really gained the popularity it should have had.

    Also, the trial makeup looks spot on (minus the metallic, white highlighter which makes you look a bit like the Tin Woodsman).