End of July Chit Chat and Catch Up…

Aloha ladies and gents.

Why do I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages? I think it’s because I am out of the flow. It has been as busy for me this year as it was last year, and I have just been getting used to my new role as Mummy to one extremely adorable but demanding little boy!  A few odd updates:

All UK blog sale parcels have now gone you should have received yours by now.

Final International parcels will be leaving me this week. Everyone will be emailed their tracking numbers by the end of THIS week. 

The blog sale is now closed for new orders until a later date. 

Confused kitty Google Search

In other news I have filmed some videos (beauty related, one is cooking, one is baby related) and will edit when I get the time to.  Mr C is so busy at work too that spare time is of a premium so…as always…bear with me. I feel like a have a far more tired worn engine these days :) 

What are you up to?

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