Emilia Clarke Met Gala Make Up using CK ONE Cosmetics

The only reason I am presenting the following make up look to you is because this is KHALEESI we’re talking about and she does happen to look rather lovely at The Met Gala!

If you are watching Game of Thrones then you will be up to Episode 6, Series 3 – I watching this episode on Monday night and it left me with chills – how evil is Joffrey?! Eeeeee I am excited for the final four episodes. 

So anyway, if you saw the Met Gala photos yesterday, then you’ll see how there were some fashiona nd make up monstrosities!  However, Khaleesi, Emila Clarke was not one of them;

Mat Gala Get the Look Jessica Biel and Emilia Clarke ck one color cosmetics Inbox

Doesn’t she look different with dark hair and dark eye make up – she’s so doe eyed as Daenerys Targaryen. The look is by Hung Vanngo, who wanted to go for an ‘elegant punk’ look.

skin prep:

 CLEANSER: Dr. Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Cleanser

 EYE CREAM: Dr. Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream


MOISTURISER: La Mer Moisturizing Cream

Make Up:

FOUNDATION: ck one 3-in-1 face makeup in fair 200

BASE: ck one skin illuminator in cool 100

CONCEALER: ck one mousse concealer in fair 200

BROW: ck one brow pencil + gel duo in wily brunette 300

MASCARA: ck one mascara in black 800

BLUSH: ck one cream + powder bronzer duo in warm glow 300

LIPS: ck one shine in naked 800

EYELINER: ck one double-ended eyeliner in genius/radical 800

LIPLINER: (on eyes): ck one soft defining lip pencil in mistress 500

get the look:

After cleansing her skin with Dr. Perricone MD cleanser, I applied Dr. Perricone MD eye cream and massaged her face and neck with La Mer moisturizer. Then, with a large foundation brush, I applied ck one 3-in-1 foundation, while adding just a touch of ck one mouse concealer under eyes and around her nose.

She already has gorgeous high cheek bones, so I accentuated them with ck one cream + powder bronzer, using mainly the powder to only shade her cheeks without adding more color to her face. To blend the bronzer, I dabbed a few drops of ck one skin illuminator to her cheek bones and the top of her nose for a luminous effect.

Emilia’s eyebrows are amazing. Using ck one eyebrow gel duo in wily brunette, I used the pencil end to fill them in.

The main focal point of her ‘elegant punk’ look was her eyes. I lined her entire eye with ck one double ended eye liner in genius/radiant, mixed with the ck one soft defining lip pencil in mistress, then smudged them both together to create a really warm black creamy eye color instead of a hard black

 The whole idea was to give her eyes a reddish-black look so that they would pop. I completed the eyes with two coats of ck one mascara, fanning her lashes out from the lash line rather than up.

 I kept her lips natural with ck one lip shine in naked, and right before she walked out the door I applied La Mer the Body Cream on her arms and chest, then spritzed her face and body with Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist to add extra radiance.

 I absolutely love reading about what pro make up artists used for looks and how they achieved it – their method is usually so clean and precise too (like, all Emilia has on her eyes is two pencils?!).

Calvin Klein make up has been around in many incarnations – this time around it’s looking it comes in white packaging with a round bubble look!  After seeing Emilia’s make up I’m actually tempted to try and eyeliner and perhaps a base product!

CK One make up is sold on Debenhams.com in the UK. 


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