Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Radiant Eye Stick Review

Embryolisse is one of those French Skincare brands – if you’ve heard of it, then you’ll know they have a cult moisturiser everyone seems to love.  The Embryolisse skincare range is actually quite big aside from “that” moisturiser and includes other creams, cleansers, BB creams and so on.  

Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Radiant Eye Stick Review

Today I have this rather clever invention; the Radiant Eye Stick which is a brightening and refreshing eye stick – truth be told, I have seen lots of Asian versions of this type of product from Tony Moly, Etude House and so on.  I have tried a few of them too and found them quite interesting.

This clever little cool-effect stick is a genuine radiance booster that brightens eyes making them look fresh and relaxed. Make-up is enhanced on refreshed smooth skin, holds better and lasts longer while the eyes and face are illuminated. Formulated to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Use in the morning before putting on make-up, in the evening before going out or at any time to highlight and brighten eyes. Sweep on from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner on upper and lower lids. Apply more frequently in case of intense fatigue.

So what is an eye stick for? Well, it’s not a eye cream or a moisturiser, if you like, not really.  If you want your eye area to feel hydrated this product won’t do it, but it is a really nice refreshing treatment that temporarily peps up the eyes and makes it feel a bit tighter, and look better. It’s actually really nice when your eyes are tired and feeling a bit ‘hot’.

If you have never tried these before, well then they have a very very unique glidey texture – it literally feels like you are running cold jelly or gel or water over your skin.  It is naturally cool but you can boost it in the fridge.  It glides with zero tug at all which is a plus when you are dealing with the eye area! 

Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Radiant Eye Stick Review 2

The product as 4.5g and is a handy pocket size.  it also has a plastic cap which you must replace to prevent the product from drying out. 

Of all the eye sticks I have tried this is the most ‘glidey’ in texture – very smooth around the eye and leaves no residue.  The Asian ones I tried are cheaper but tend to have additional additives such as colour and fragrance.  

I would say that the best thing about this eye stick is that it’s very refreshing for a quick top up or if you are like me (always forgetting to use eye cream) its a good on the go pep for the eyes.  It really doesn’t make up for eye cream but it is nice for soothing the eye area.  You may not want to use this over make up although you can, you’ll need to wipe it clean afterwards.

Ingredients:Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Radiant Eye Stick Review 1

Verdict: Well worth trying if you want a eye product you can carry around with you to refresh the eyes. 

It’s £19.95 from here 

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