ELF Pink Nail Polishes! Fluorescent Pink, Gum Pink, Passion Pink and Mango Madness

I featured some ELF Nail Polish a few weeks ago – very good for the price, so I purchased 4 more to try. See, my favourite polish colours are hot pinks and bright corals!

I noticed that 2 of these were “new formulas” and mango madness is a new colour.

Anyway here are the polishes I bought.

Fluorescent Pink:


Quite a nice warm pink with pearl through it. Not completely my cup of tea, in that I prefer a polish without the pearl / metallic edge – I think this will appeal to loads of people though.The packaging for these polishes is fine – it’s not cute or special, but it’s not ugly.

Gum Pink is very me – a cute barbie toned baby pink:


I found these quite easy to use. 2 of them were a bit lumpy at the top but better once you got through the first application. Actually one of the polishes was very crusty at the top…

Passion Pink – the deepest pink once again with a pearl running through it but I like this one. I like it’s boldness without being too garish.


Mango Madness – how sweet is this shade? Like a warmed orange.

I found 2 coats of this polish evened things up. Drying time isn’t too bad (not that I can sit still enough to let any polish set properly) and I think it has a nice shiny finish. Lasted about 2 days as ‘perfect’ before little chips appeared.


Verdict: Very cute, and these retail for just £1.50 each! Well worth a look for a cheap cheerful polish boost!

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