ELF Bamboo Mineral Make Up Brushes Review & Pictures!

I had a so-so experience with eco-tools make up brushes, so wasn’t sure what to expect from elf’s offering of eco friendly bamboo handled brushes!

I was sent 3 to test:


They say:

This antibacterial Taklon bristled brush is 100% cruelty free, luxuriously soft and can be used with wet or dry products and is ideal for e.l.f. Natural Mineral Makeup. The natural and sustainable bamboo handle fits ergonomically in your hand for comfort and precise application.

These brushes are good for mineral make up which I don’t really use but still, a good brush I am sure can handle it!

These brushes remind me of my older Bobbi Brown ones, with long wooden handles. They’re lightweight and comfortable to use although I tend to prefer a heavier feeling brush.

I got three of them to try – I really don’t like synthetic brushes too much but of course, they are best for certain products.


I personally found these brushes better made than the eco-tools ones, in that I wasn’t picking hair off my face from where it had moulted, and the brush itself was felt that bit sturdier.

The concealer brush is pretty good. It’s quite a big head, good for big blemishes! I used it more as a eye base brush, because I tend to use concealer with my fingers anyway, or I just buff it in with a blending brush.

The contour brush is very round and dense – weird, when I was flicking this one lots of white powdery stuff came off it. I imagine that’s just a result of the manufacturing. Anyway, for placing product in the crease, it’s pretty good!

The flat liner brush is my favourite, it has quite a firm straight head which is good for gel eyeliners. Be careful not to poke your eye ball.



There’s quite a nice big range of brushes to choose from, and the prices are reasonable (all of the brushes pictured here are £5.50 each). The brushes are quite obvious (ie. the foundation brush, the concealer brush, the blender brush – just exactly how you’d expect them to look so they’re not ‘innovative’ in that sense).

I definitely prefer them to the eco-tools, I just think they are better made, although I wouldn’t pick them over my Trish McEvoys or Shu Uemura brushes, but then, you could pick up a whole set of the Bamboo brushes for the price of one Shu or Trish so – mustn’t grumble…

See the range here.

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  1. Jen says

    There was a 20% off sale on these bamboo brushes and I missed it :( But at the price they are normally, can’t really grumble! I’ve found that ELF brushes are better than a lot of the ones I;ve tried from Boots and Superdrug…and at half the price! Have you tried the Studio line range of brushes?