Elemis Spa @ Home Body Soothing Collection; Temple Balm, Foot Cream and Room Mist

Elemis’s Spa@Home range is a bodycare range that is supposed to bring the Spa feeling to your…home.  Obviously.

There’s 5 categories of products, Body Exotics, Body Soothing, Body Awaken, Body Performance and Body Anti-Ageing.  I’ve been trying out various products from the range for a few days and seriously, I’ve realised I do not have the right kind of bathroom to use these lovely products.  There’s hair on the floor and the sink gets blocked now and then.

I envy you if you have one of those amazing bathrooms like the one from the classic Flake advert. A bath tub in the middle of a huge room and no one to shout at you when the water spills over.

But I digress. I have 3 products here form the Body Soothing range which focuses on relaxation:

Elemis Spa Home Quiet Mind Body Soothing

See how relaxed my cat is?! (Do not use this on cats).

I love the packaging. Simple (using bold colours) but sleek.

I have the Quiet Mind Room Mist which contains Patchouli, Eucalyptus and Ho wood.  It is seriously the nicest room spray (in the relaxing category) I have ever used – it’s not overwhelming at all, it’s a really lovely scent that makes you feel like you’re ready for bed.  It does remind me of going into a spa, so that can’t be a bad thing.

The Quiet Mind Temple Balm reminds me of Origins Peace of Mind, which of course is a classic.

I like the Origins product and I like this. This one doesn’t make my eyes water as much and it works really well at soothing the head.  I’d say it smells a bit sweeter, just slightly, than Origins.  Either product is great, I am taking this with me on my travels.

Finally I have the Treat Your Feet Foot Cream.

I have realised I am addicted to foot and leg massages. ADDICTED. There’s nothing nicer then getting a nice calf and leg rub and a cream that is cooling and leaves a bit of a tingle is ideal for this!

This cream has shea butter and cocoa butter, lemon oil and patchouli. It’s very hydrating too!

Elemis Spa Home Foot Cream Quiet Mind Foot Mist

All in all a lovely range, it’s not cheap cheap but it’s not that expensive either…this stuff will last quite a while and it looks good in the bathroom.  If you have a decent bathroom.

The temple balm is £14, the spray is £15 and the foot cream is £15.

Zzzzz….kitteh approved, I think!

You can buy the range here at Time To Spa or Elemis counters.

* PR samples. Even the cat.


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  1. Jen says

    I LOVE Origins Peace of Mind…and is kitty yawning in the first pic cos she’s been using Elemis Spa lol