Elemis Skin Radiance Facial at the New Skin Lounge in Debenhams, London – Review

When someone said ‘Spa Pod’ to me, I had an image of a space age treatment cocoon, where all you have to get a massage standing up and there are little tubes attached to the outside that blow things at you.  I have a vivid imagination. 

The new Elemis (check out the new logo below!) ‘Skin Lounge’ is a first for Debenhams, Oxford Street, London.  The new skin lounge area has been completely redesigned with a sleek look, and also has a new treatment menu, with services from 15 minutes , 30 minutes and 1 hour!

The Skin Lounge has two treatment rooms and is supposed to be a place for clients to relax away from the rabble of Oxford Street.   One room is for longer treatments, and another is for 15-30 minute treatments, where clients will relax on a Intelligent Massage Chair whilst the therapist does her magic! 

Elemis Skin Lounge

I visited the Elemis Skin Lounge about a week ago – I was immediately impressed by how lovely the counter looked – sleek but unpretentious, with all the products clearly visible.  I dislike counters that are too ‘closed in’ – I find it claustrophobic if I just want to browse.  Debenhams – get all your beauty halls made over like this one! 


There are a selection of 1 hour treatments (I had the 1 hour Skin Radiance treatment which is a ‘moisture boost and glow’ facial.)  If you are in a hurry and want to try a 15-30 minute treatment, there are seven 30 minute ones to choose from (£30) which cover practically every possible skin need using their best known lines (Pro-Intense, Pro-Collage, Tri-Enzyme etc. and a Men’s facial too).  

There are two 15 minute facials for teens to women in their 20s, called the ‘Freshskin Glow On The Go’ and ‘Skin Clear Deep Clean’ (15 minutes) that cost £12 each.  

I quite like the idea of a 30 minute treatment – it would fit into a lunch break or for when you really just don’t have a whole hour to spare.  


I’ve had treatments before in Department stores and 99.9% of the time you can hear something from the outside (tills, people chatting etc.) in the actual treatment room.  The Elemis pod is very peaceful and feels very much like a treatment room you would find in a secluded spa – there’s no interruptions from the outside which is lovely – you can really relax. 

I want these lights in my house!

Elemis Skin Radiance Facial at the New Spa Pod Skin Lounge in Debenhams London Review 1


My treatment was done by the lovely Olivia, an experienced therapist who began the treatment by doing a skin scan for me.  I love this element – because by looking at my skin, the treatment can be tailored.  There’s also a recommended list of products and routine – no pressure to purchase though, but it gives you an indication of what you may need. 

I have had a Elemis skin scan before – read here if you’d like to know what it entails in more details. 

Elemis Skin Radiance Facial at the New Spa Pod Skin Lounge in Debenhams London Review

The Skin Radiance Facial is very cleansing but also relaxing too.  I have had a few treatments lately but found it hard to switch off – I guess because there’s always a little person on my mind these days, but I did actually fall asleep during this treatment which is testament to Olivia’s skills! 

Some of the elements I did remember; deep cleansing…mask…massage…scrub…there was more but I was so relaxed I was out of it.  This treatment also include cleansing the feet at the start of the treatment (I do adore this too, and my feet were killing from walking about), and a shoulder massage, which was quite deep – once again, just what I needed. 

Afterwards my skin was very blowy and soft.  I had lots of other things to do so I thought I’d have to slap foundation on but my skin was glowing so much (a bit red on cheeks so I dabbed some concealer on) but it was really good to go! 

It’s hard to review spa treatments sometimes, because it’s not just bout the individual elements, it’s how it all goes together.  Elemis facials and massages – I have never had a bad one.  I think they just manage to get all the right elements in (in the right order!) all of the time!

I can’t wait for them to bring this new look spa pod up to my city! It’s got the right balance of high end spa treatments and accessibility – the kind of place I would definitely send my mama to. 

The Elemis Spa Pod at Debenhams Oxford Street, London, is definitely worth popping to, ask for Olivia for a super relaxing treatment :) 

Debenhams, 334-348 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1JG

Tel. 020 7518 7442

Treatments from £12. 




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