Einstein Cosmetics Cooling Relief Lip Therapy & Hydrating Lip Cream Duo Set Review

Ever notice how when you walk into Poundland you end up leaving with the thing you wanted (ie. plasters, batteries) and end up leaving with a bagful of crap (ie. tupperware that’s too small for anything, a dog collar when you don’t have a dog).

Well whilst I was Pounland-crap-shopping I saw this cute Einstein duo set – there’s a moisture lip balm and a hydrating lip cream. For £1 I couldn’t refuse (plus the psycho girl who worked there followed me around the store, saying that I HAD to buy it).


I don’t know anything about the Einstein beauty brand and I don’t know what the retail price is – I was just sucked in by the cute, medicinal looking packaging:


They say:

An intensive deep moisturizing balm that gives a refreshing burst of cool heat to dry, chapped lips and protects without a waxy, greasy, medicinal feel. With Cocoa Butter and Vitamins A and E.

The Lip Cream (in the pink jar) has Vitamin C beads for exfoliation and should be used before the lip balm. It can be used a lip stick base too.

As a lip balm addict I am dedicated to Jill Stuart, SKII, La Mer and Sisley Lip balms. How does a £1 set compare?
Ahhh it’s not bad!

Exhibit a, on the left is the waxy lip balm which is alike any lip balm but it has a menthol minty feeling. Quite nice.

The lip cream, Exhibit b (I know I haven’t actually labelled them A and B) is really nice – sinks in quickly and is just slightly exfoliating, I REALLY enjoyed using this one before applying lipstick.


Oh but one thing. Check out the lip cream – it’s barely full! Cheek squits! It’s about 1/4 full – I know it’s cheap but still, at least bulk it out a bit, please!


Ingredients – nothing too whacky here, yes there is mineral oil in it:



This won’t become my new must have lip balm but I really like the lip cream, even if they were stingy with it and if I saw it in the £1 shop again I would buy another, sure. I lose lip balms every week anyway so at least losing this one isn’t too painful.

Ever tried Einstein?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Nostalgia! I remember buying this when in about 2005 when I was 16 from an overpriced boutique type place! I do remember it burning my lips off but leaving the remaining layers of skin very soft indeed! xx