Effective Branding: Do you like the Calorie Off Piggy

Sorry for the lack of product reviews guys! I have the amazing amazing huge box full of samples and purchases I am dying to review for you but I just haven’t got the time to crack things open and photograph them as well. Hang tight, there’s lots of good things coming up and a video.

Now – I was surfing eBay again and I noticed some ‘Calorie Off’ weight loss products. Calorie Off sells a range of tights and socks, that encourage weight loss.

What did make me laugh if that their brand icon is….yep, its a pig. Pig = Porky. Not just any pig, a really stupid looking pig:

Fat loss .jpg

For comparison purposes, here is an intelligent looking pig:

intelligent pig.jpg

I find it hilarious, but I’m self deprecating, plus you gotta to love the source of Bacon. At the same time, its a bit silly – like advertising glasses and using a mole or a bat, or a molat, a bat-mole hybrid.

So – what do you think? Find it insulting? Or do you appreciate the sense of humour? Or don’t find it relevant at all? Would you join Weightwatchers if their spokesmodels weren’t all generic mid-30s white woman dressed in hideous stretch stonewash high-wasted Jeans but….well, pigs?

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Lucy says

    I’m hungry now.

    Kind of defeats the purpose of calorie burning tights, if the bloody mascot makes me want to devour a few rashers of back bacon in a crusty white roll.. lots of salty butter.. tomato sauce.. bit of salt and pepper.. ugh, heaven.

    I’m interested in the trials behind their ‘-416kcals an hour’ claim though 😉