Edward or Jacob? Talking Twilight Luna Palettes, of course….

Not that I was googling Twilight for any *cough* reason *cough* but I noticed that the Twilight Luna range had 2 new palettes! And both look gorgeous! (I haven’t tried these yet so can’t comment on the textures).

I present to you the Jacob:

This palette offers an array of richly pigmented warm copper, amber, and sage shadows with the perfect velvety texture for smooth application. Paired with a radiating sun-kissed pink gloss, this color combination is irresistible much like its inspiration Jacob Black.


Then I present the Edward:

This palette recreates the soft and sweet yet icy persona of Edward Cullen. Matte pink and periwinkle shadows are coupled with a luminous silver and sparkling jet-black for a smoky effect. Complimented with an iridescent shimmering pink gloss that doubles as a highlighter, this palette offers endless ways to recreate your look from day to night.


These two new palettes are way more interesting and nicer than the current four that exist for the ladies, Victoria, Alice, Bella and Rosalie.

So is it Edward or Jacob?…I think the Jacob palette is totally hot. It is 100% made for my colouring – I could wear every shade in this palette.

But on the other hand, the Edward is also up my street – far more cool toned, but I have a huge soft spot for icy silver and deep dark black.

It’s a tough choice….

The people have spoken. Everyone wants Jacob:


What’s your choice? Edward or Jacob?

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  1. says

    Man, I’m not into the novels because of the cheesy plot and dubious themes, but I have to admit that I’d pick up the Edward palette in a heartbeat! Those shades look like they’ll complement a skin tone like mine (pale and, sigh, anemic). :)

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    I can’t stand at all anything at all twilight (other than the colour vue lenses) but omg these palettes look so cool. I won’t buy them, at $28, I’d rather eat a whole clove of raw garlic but they are very pretty xx and i could not choose a team x

  3. says

    See in the books I’m all about Team Edward, in the films very much Team Jacob and here? Team Jacob again! Love the blusher and all the colours are just so wearable and lovely :)