Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set & 5 Piece Brush Set Review

I actually bought these two Ecotools sets months ago, as something to take away on holiday with me. I have heard much about them and I have seen them loitering in various Superdrug and Boots stores but never bothered to pick them up.

I bought the 6 Piece Eye Make Up Brush Kit and the 5 Piece Face Make Up Brush Set for around £10 each.


I admit, I am all for expensive, beautifully made-last-forever type brushes. I have been collecting for years and my Shu Uemura Kolinsky brushes are as amazing as they day I got them.

Having said that I like a cheap and cheerful brush (but I have yet to find any “cheap” brush that compare to my most amazing Shu Uemura, Trish McEvoy, Tesshyu brushes).

Here is the eye set:


Ecotools is quite a special brush range. It’s Eco friendly! Their brushes are cruelty free, are made from synthetic taklon, are made from recycled materials (aluminium and a bamboo handle) and come with reusable pouches.

The 6 piece eye set (including the case of course!) contains a blend, crease, highlight, shade and line brush:


It’s a nice selection but for me, I found them all too fluffy, not enough precision going on.

To be honest – I took these brushes on holiday with me and a few back ups but in the end I used the backups more. Even though I can’t fault the Ecotools hair – it is soft – I just didn’t like using them.

I didn’t find that they were particularly easy for laying down colour or for doing stronger looks. Although the hair is soft I found my brushes moulted a fair bit and they just didn’t do what I wanted.

I also didn’t like they way they felt in my hand…I don’t know if it’s the thickness of the handle or how light they were, they just didn’t feel right.

The 5pc brush set is more face focused, with a kabuki, powder and two smaller blending brushes:


Once again, the hairs are lovely and soft but I could definitely tell they were synthetic – there’s a thinness to the hair I didn’t like and I am extremely about my Kabuki brushes – hate anything too thin or anything too firm and this set didn’t do it for me either.

It’s they way they’re quite flat – I don’t think they have the natural bounce I like in a brush.



Don’t get me wrong – this brand represents a good thing, the prices are great and if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, or you are starting out with make up, then these sets are good.

They aren’t “bad” I just think they are special. I think ELF Studio brushes, for the price, are a better bet.

But I can see why a lot of people like Ecotools, but for me…they miss the mark.

I could sit here all day and say, but it’s so affordableeee! But seeing as I have not touched them since I got home from my holidays it wasn’t good value for me.

I would consider trying the Ecotools solo brushes though – perhaps there is something there I will like. I just like something with a more considered brush shape and something that is sturdier.

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  1. says

    ecoTools has fast become my favorite easy to get brush brand, though I also love my MAC brushes and my Medusa’s Makeup brushes. You might like the Alicia Silverstone brush set. The Duofiber brush in that set is awesome! I do agree with you that their blush brushes are a bit ‘flat’. I love the round crease brush that is in the 5 piece brush set you reviewed, and I love the highlighter and shade brushes in the 6 piece set.

  2. says

    I’ve been thinking of getting these for quite some time but I don’t think I will now.. They’re so flat! Look at the kabuki! >_< The eye ones look a little too big & fluffy for me too. Such a waste.. They're so affordable =/