Eco-Friendly: Washable Cleansing Pads by Love The Planet Review

The amount cotton pads I go through to remove my piles of eye make up definitely concerns me; I wear super long wearing tough mascara which takes a few pads to remove, then there’s my foundation, lipstick etc…

So I was quite pleased to get my mitts on these Washable Cleansing Pads from Love The Planet.

These pads come in a pack of 5 and are made of cotton. You get them in a wash bag so you can just pop them all in and stick them in the washing machine:


Firstly, I think these are a great idea…
The pads are quite thick, absorbent things. They remind me of Japanese cakes the ones with filling in them!

These pads are really handy to use and great for removing make up off the face – they’re soft but have enough abrasiveness (maybe not the right word!) to exfoliate too:


I went through the 5 pads over the space of 10 days and stuck them all into the bad into the washer. They came out medium crispy but soon reverted to their old shape and pretty clean. Great!

On the downside, because these pads are so padded I find them too difficult to remove eye make up with (not to mention my eye make up really stains cloths and towels!). I need to be able to press a pad quite closely next to my eye to remove the make up and I can’t do that with this pad.

It lacks the firmness for that kind of cleansing but it’s good for sweeping general parts my face.

In the bag:



Whilst I don’t think these pads will completely replace normal cotton pads for me, they are a step in the right direction and will reduce the amount of pads I use overall.

You can buy the pads here for £6.49.

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