eBay Haul: Lunasol Nature Eyes the Full Set!

I use eBay a lot (as some of you may know) but to be honest, it’s nothing like what it used to be.

These days I use it like any online store rather than a place to bid or to fight for peoples old crap! So it’s nice to see something I really want sometimes and to fight for it – like the old days.

I fought hard for this baby!…can you guess what’s in the cardboard box?


I love winning one off rare stuff! What’s in the box….


They say:

A four-color eye shadow set that captures the most beautiful scenery of the Earth in a simple pallette. “Nature Color Highlight,” a highlight color in a new formulation, adds a succulent radiance and clarity to the eyes. The layering of color produces an amazing gradation of tones with a moist luster.

Lunasol is a Kanebo brand…It’s a high end brand and fairly expensive but the quality and presentation is excellent so worth it.

Someone was selling a set of testers in a cardboard box (the whole set of Nature Eyes) – they said a few of the colours had been lightly swiped but they were in excellent condition – barely touched at all.


Hmm I need to find a permanent home for these, any idea? They are fairly deep.

Anyway here are some close ups. I paid about £95 for this set, which is ok, each palette is about £34-£38 for one (depending on who you are buying it from).

Close ups:


Nature blue is nice – my kind of quad. The pigmentation on these, like with a lot of Lunasol shadows are medium pigmented and very shimmery.


Nature Green is also my kind of palette though I’d like it if the green was stronger. All the tones are very cool.


Nature Brown is a warm set with a light beige, warm gold orange and a warm purple brown – quite nice but wouldn’t be my normal choice. Maybe I’m in denial, I think warm shades look better on me but I am always drawn to cool tones!


Nature Beige is a good one, with some natural tones and a black. Each of these palettes seem to have one seller shade to me, whilst the rest are muted.


Nature Colorful isn’t that colourful! There’s pink, lilac and plum. Not my usual choice even though I think purples look good on me.

How to apply:


So that’s the most impressive thing I’ve bought from eBay recently! How about you?

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  1. says

    Those are gorgeous!

    I haven’t used eBay in…2 years. But I use it more like a store than an auction site. I think I bought some stickers last time I was on. Xp

  2. says

    omg xD that is the best haul! i’m so envious now. LOL
    I’ve been lemming for them for ages but yea, they’re on the pricey side and I really can’t afford it now since I’m not a big eyeshadow user. Although still, that’s a wonderful set you got there. *am still amazed*

  3. says

    u lucky gal! i LOVE lunasol! love their e/s so pigmented and easily blend, love the idea how they put the colours combi together, so i dont need to tink much what mix together well hehe i got the brown nature one!

    xoxo elle
    ps: yup i dint use my ebay like 2yrs now hehe

  4. Alexandra says

    I buy all my Victoria Secret stuff off ebay. In fact today i just purchased a bombshell blush and eyeshadow quad. Cant wait for them to come :)
    Although i dont find the eyeshadow very pigmented , it works better when applied wet. The compacts are hot pink. So cute :)