eBay Bargain of the Day: Stila 6pc Set

Check out todays eBay special value! (eBay is becoming – or already is – more like an online store rather than a place to find other people’s old junk isn’t it?)

A 6 piece Stila set:


Stila Eye Shadow – Matte Sajama 2.6g (RRP £11.00)

Stila Eye Shadow – Pan – Shore 2.6g (RRP £11.00)

Stila Eye Shadow – Pan – Barefoot Contessa 2.6g (RRP £11.00)

Stila Eye Shadow – Matte – Makalu 2.6g (RRP £11.00)

Stila 4 pan Compact Case (RRP £12.00)

Stila Sun Bronzing Powder 8g (Stila Sun Shade 2) (RRP £18.00)

Clear toiletry bag

All brand new too for £14.99 including shipping. Can I be tempted? Yeah, go on, why not.

Grab yours here from eBay UK.

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  1. Manders says

    Ooh looks good… I want! Bargains like these are the reason I love eBay. It’s taken me 8 months of living abroad to somewhat calm my eBay habit. The hubby has a BFPO address but he refuses to have any more packages delivered to it after he opened one one day & was forced to walk around at work with a hairdryer all day hehe!

  2. says

    Wow! Lotas goodies, and free postage (I’m a sucker for free postage!), but I’ve never used anything by Stila so I’ll resist, for now 😉

  3. Gabriela says

    Great bargain! Thanks a lot. I would buy it if I haven`t bought the Best of Stila set two days ago.