eBay bargain find of the week: 6 Stila Lip Glaze Pencils for £14.50

I got told off a bit by some readers last week for posting a rather excellent eBay bargains because it encourages the spending and all that – but I don’t care! I am that the Krispy Kreme Dreamcake doughnut, all warm and sticky – I am that giant gammon steak with deep fried chips on the side. Yum. I am here to entice.

Here is my find of the week – 6 brand new and boxed Stila Lip Glaze pens for only £14.50 INCLUDING shipping. These used to cost £15 each on the counter!

Stila lip glaze.jpg

The last thing I need is more lip colours of any for but for that price – I don’t think I can resist.

Get more details —>
Stila, of course, has pulled out of the UK hence all these crazy bargains.

However sites are still stocking it usually at discounted prices.

HQ Hair is bringing it back soon and Beauty Bay (NOT happy at all with their customer service – a real lack of communication – four emails I sent, I got zero reply which is incredible in this day and age).

Beauty Bay is the only one that stocks new ranges though, and I did cave despite their crap service because I am so desperate for Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Tint and Marigold Convertible Colour (they haven’t arrived yet). At £17 and £18 respectively, its expensive and in the future, I will get CPs from America if I want new Stila stuff.

Oops sorry – I just did what old people do, rambled on about random vaguely relevant crap under the guise of being helpful.

Here is the damn link (that’s what you are thinking right now, right – just give us the damn link!). Its here. Looks like the seller has about 15 packs altogether in her shop.

I’m going to make my random bargain finds (I am a bona fide bargain/voucher code hunter – I have to be with all the stuff I buy!) a regular feature. Yay or Nay?

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    wow, that’s ridiculously cheap. I’ve always wanted to try a lip glaze from stila, but I hear they’re sticky. Heh, these posts do encourage spending, but hey, who can argue with a bargain?