Easy Aspirin Mask? Holika Holika Medi Medi Acetyl Face Mask Review for Acne Prone Skin!

Did I tell you I don’t seem to have time to do face masks anymore? Not even sheet masks because it’s hard to move around when you have one on!

Nevertheless, I finally found some time to test out the numerous face masks I keep ordering from eBay.  Holika Holika’s Medi Medi range consists of 3 treatment face masks for different issues; Acne, Magnesium (for pores and excess oil) and one has Vitamin C (for brightening).

I chose the Acetyl pack for acne because I was having some terrible breakouts around my jawline.

Holika Holika Medi Medi Acetyl Pack

You get 70ml per tub which looks like that!

My favourite face mask of all time for treating oiliness and spots WITHOUT DRYING because although I get blackheads and zits, I also get very very dry – is NARS Mud Mask. I love it to death but I think it’s around the £30-40 price mark (I haven’t bought one for ages).

I am very wary of face masks for acne because they can be so stripping. This one contains Salicylic Acid 3,000 ppm (whatever that means) and Acetylsalicylic Acid which is apparently the main ingredient of Aspirin. Remember home made Aspirin masks?! I absolutely adore them but they are too much bother for me (if you don’t know what it is, it’s a mask made of crushed up Aspirin tablets).

You use this mask 1-2 a week and it’s left on for 10-15 mins.

Holika Holika Acetyl Pack 1

On first application it tingled a bit and I thought…uh-huh.

Luckily this faded quite quickly, in around 2 minutes.  After that it felt quite comfortable on the skin with a slightly cooling feeling.  This is a drying mask – admittedly I applied a nice thick layer on so it took a while to dry!  Once it did it came off quite easily, some masks take forever to wash off.

Overall I was really happy with this mask! I am pleased it didn’t cause any strange reactions and overall my skin seemed smoother and brighter, pores were tighter (although temporarily) and I felt it did help a few spots get to the surface easily.  I also haven’t had any breakouts since that first use!

This is definitely a good replacement for my beloved Nars Mud Mask and as I paid around £8 for it on eBay it’s more affordable too. I might try the brightening VitC pack from this range eventually!

– What is your favourite face mask?

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  1. Jen says

    I quite like the sound of the Vitamin c mask, plus this one too as I seem to suffer from breakouts on the chin :( The 3000 ppm means there’s 3000 parts per million, so basically another way of saying 0.3%, which is quite low I guess that’s why it’s not too stripping on the skin…which is good! Thanks for the review on this, it’s got me thinking I need to do more masks again! My favourite mask of all time is the Bliss Steep clean one, my skin always feels super-soft and pores less noticeable afterwards, and it smells nice but can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of!

  2. says

    Wow this one looks promising. I’m tempted to try this product out since Holika is easily accessible in my country. If it’s silicon-free I’ll be even more incline to buy. Hopefully it won’t give me an allergy breakout though. :/