Easter Weekend and Technical Woes!

Hello! How are ya all!

I have been very quiet this week because although my camera has now been fixed (very quickly by the nice people at Nikon) my laptop has gone to heaven so I am currently waiting to see if it is ore economical to buy a new one or pay rather a large lump sum to get mine fixed. Either way, it’ll be the end of next week before I know which means I have resorted to using my old and very very very slow laptop for emergencies…

Computer patrick bateman meme Google Search

I will do my best to catch up over the next week and blog, please bear with me cos I have lots of lovely make up to show you!

In other news…

Over the Easter weekend, me and the Candy clan went to visit Baby H’s great grandparents who live in the country side. I do love being there, it’s so very peaceful, dark (no street lights!) and quiet compared to living in the city. Makes me want to be retired. 

We were near the seaside so got some fish and chips and I found a yarn shop (my crochet obsession is getting out of hand)! 

A picture of my bear:

Cute baby bear suit

Baby H is weaning now and eating 3 square meals already! Chubby!

Hope you are all well x

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