Easter Giveaway!

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The sun is out and you want to be beautiful(er). I want you to be beautiful(er). So I have an extra special giveaway for you.


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Ok, ok, I haven’t actually said anything yet, but I’m getting it together then I promise my twitter will let you know all about upcoming posts, haul arrivals AS I rip them open and more!

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It’s all shiny and new! You will get –

1. No. 7 Extreme Length Mascara


Open your eyes to incredibly intense, fluttering lashes with our new Extreme Length Mascara. Its smooth formula is perfect for building up your lashes without any clumps.

2. Garden Botanika Wheel Concealer:


Has yellow, green and salmon for under eye, redness and blemishes. Website here – they sell natural products.

3. Boots No. 7 Twinkle pink with glitter nail polish!


4. Shu Uemura Lip Gloss in Cassis and 5. MeMeMe Lip XL Lip Gloss in Twinkle (again)


6. No.7 Bronzing Pearls:


7. Fake Lashes!


Finally! My favourite thing –

8. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Limited Edition Summer Colour:


This is my favourite item of make up from The Body Shop – all of the Shimmer Cubes I have tried are super pretty so this one with springy colours is just lovely.

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  1. Blair says

    I’d love to join your giveaway ^^ The bronzing pearls and shimmer cubes from TBS look amazing!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I sometimes find that your site takes quite a while or sometimes doesn’t on the wind up internet I have at Uni so happy days, loving updates in my inbox! Having run out of mascara and bronzer I shall keep my fingers crossed for this giveaway. Those eyelashes look AMAZING, in case lady luck is not on my side where they the ebay pretties you mentioned before? xxxx

  3. Mable says

    UWA! Awesome giveaway! I tried to add you on twitter, but it says I need a password and username? Help!