Dry Skin Treat! Monu Hydrating Mask Review

I was moaning about having very dry skin and was coincidentally sent this Monu face mask to try.

Monu skincare focuses on using natural ingredients and this face mask contains geranium essential oil, royal jelly, apricot kernal oil and evening primrose oil too!


The problem with dry skin is that in my case, it makes it really sensitive too. So I’ve used a few masks for dry skin that don’t half make my face itch!

This mask does feel very comfortable on the skin. There’s royal jelly in the mask but you can feel it, there is a slight ‘jelly-ness’ to it. It’s a thick white mask mmmm it does feel very comfortable on the skin.


I made the mistake of leaving this on for far too long on my skin, and it went a bit weird, like white flaky bits which I thought was cool in monster effects kind of way – but at the same time, it still didn’t give me any bad reactions so that must be good!


All in all, a really nice mask for dry AND sensitive skin.

Buy it here for £21.95.

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