Dry Problem Scalp? Golden Emu Oil Hair Plus Scalp Activator Review

I have had plenty of scalp troubles, itching, flaking and general uncomfortableness. I find that oils on the scalp really help soothe it (such as Olive and Coconut) so why not Emu!?

I have talked about the benefits of Emu oil here and here. In brief, it is a fantastic moisturiser full of fatty acids and full of anti-oxidants and is also said to help with those that suffer from hair loss.

The people who make Golden Emu Oil have a product called Scalp Activator, which is a treatment you apply to the scalp and can leave up to 24 hours before washing out (or so the instructions say).


This is a thick white coloured liquid – it’s pretty economical as you use the pointy tip to apply to to the scalp. I used this and left it on for 12 hours whilst I was in the house – although it says 24 hours I wouldn’t personally apply this before going out because whilst it’s not a oil, it still looked greasy to me.

Also, Emu oil has a distinctive smell – with this product, it’s a smoky, peppery smell which is an acquired taste. I don’t mind it in the house but I think it’s too strong to use out and about.

In terms of effectiveness, this treatment is great because it doesn’t seem to just mask the problem – my scalp felt soft and refreshed after 12 hours, and I didn’t suffer any itchy bits or flakes. Also unlike a lot of scalp products this doesn’t sting at all – no alcohol in this!

I do like it and would recommend it to people who want to try a gentle treatment for their scalp and it’s supposed to help people with hair loss issues too so check it out if you are looking for some help.

Buy it here for £18.95 for 50ml

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  1. says

    This sounds like an interesting product. I find my scalp is a bit itchy lately and I think it’s down to shampoos with SLS in them. I might try this and see if it helps. Incidentally, my Mum used to work for Pioneer Trading Company hehe :) xx

    • Row says

      Hi Kim

      Ahhh really! I quite like their products – seem simple but effective.

      SLS shampoos really set my off my scalp is so sensitive at the moment it’s tiresome cos I want to scratch it all the time! :(

  2. Jen says

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’m actually looking to buy some virgin coconut oil after reading you post about it, my scalp has been playing up recently as well and I’m hoping that is going to the the trick! I’ve been using jojoba and argan oil in the meantime, but argan oil stinks!!!

  3. pamc says

    Apparently some scalp problems such as flakiness can be a fungal infection and shampoos like Nizoral will help this.