Dry Hair Solution! Etude House Moist Hair Mist Review!

I keep dabbling with Asian hair care and styling products, and I have to say overall I am impressed.  Most of the Korean and Japanese hair care I have tried so far tends to be quite light finish – in other words, no crunchies, and no flakies.

I bought this Etude House Moist Hair Mist because I am suitably frizzy and dry around the barnet area.  I figured this could be one of those top up products I could use as I went along:

Etude House Moist Hair Mist Moisture

I should’ve read the instructions, or asked someone to read them for me because this is more of a blow dry mist.  This moisture mist adds body and shine to limp hair and should be used after shampooing.  You can then blow dry or let the hair dry naturally.

So here’s what I don’t get then…it adds body but if you have dry hair like me, which needs moisture, my concern is frizz control rather than body. Hmmm.

Scent wise it’s quite a strong floral scent. I don’t really like it’s too strong an artificial…I mean I guess lots of hair styling products are – what did I expect?! It’s comes in a bubblegum pink bottle!

I used this as a blow dry spray with nothing else – it works in the sense that there is gives a natural soft wave.  It adds some fullness.  Having said that it’s quite a thin product – to cover my entire head uses a lot of the stuff and even then, it’s not enough to tame the frizz or add much gloss.


Etude House Moist Hair Spray

I think if you have fine hair from short to medium length this could work for making your hair smell…floral…and to add body and some shape.  If you have thick hair like me, it’ll take forever for you to get a good result from this product – also it does little for frizz control so this would have to go with another product.

I bought this from eBay for £9 inc. shipping.

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