Dr Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Range

I have to finally admit it. Late nights, too much coffee and stress stress stress has given my regular, but small outbursts of adult acne.

Enter Dr Nick Lowe’s Anti Blemish Range:


There are four products in the Anti Blemish range, two types of cleanser, a day cream and blemish gel. I went back later on to buy the other type of cleanser – will explain why later:


The packaging is very simple and quite elegant. It looks a lot more expensive than it is (around £10 per product apart from the Day Cream which is £15).


The Day Cream:


I have been using this range for a while now and I have mixed feelings about it.

On the positives; the skin care makes my skin feel super clean. The moisturizer is lovely and sinks in easily. The blemish gel, unlike Clinique’s doesn’t make my skin feel like a hole is being burnt in it. It’s also a really nice looking range, there’s something clinical and elegant about it.

On the not as positive side, my spots are not completely calming down and in a way its bought out more spots. I am not sure if this is the cleansing process taking place – a bit like when you use a face mask and all your spots come out. This could be the case but it’s a bit disheartening to see another pimple on your face.

Having said that – I am particularly stressed at the moment – if you watch the video at the end of this post, then you’ll see that Dr Lowe seems to think that stress is a big accelerator (?) for spots so it could be that making things worse.

The cleansers I think WORK very well, but there are a few issues. The textures and types.

Originally I got the cleanser which is a liquid (like toner). If you wear a fairly full face of make up, rubbing some clear liquid on it will make it very hard to get clean. This is why I went back to get the foaming cleanser, so I could do a double cleanse. However – the foaming cleanser is not a creamy texture one, it is just like a light foam (lighter than shaving cream) which I am still a little unfamiliar with. I still prefer a creamy foam or a cream cleanser in the first instance to really get the war paint off. Also the cleansers smell like kitchen cleaner. Just sayin’!

The cream is lovely and sinks in easily BUT it may be a little too heavy duty for me in terms of oil absorbing. Yes I get oilies but because this cream soaks it up (leaves a lovely matte effect) I found that my base clogged up up and congealed on my face. (However – I have been using my new Illamasqua base products I don’t know if they just don’t like each other. When I use the Clarins primer, the cream seems ok. If I were oily all over though I would highly recommend this day cream (it also smells nice! and I had no allergies to it).

Here’s a video of Dr Nick Lowe talking about acne:

Facial Care: Skin Problems – Acne

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  1. Rose says

    I think that these products are pretty good, but i still cant stop blackheads taking over my face!