Dr Linda Papadopoulos: LP Skin Therapy Skincare Range!

I had a reader email me a while ago about asking me about Dr Linda Papadopoulos’s Psyderma skincare range which I really liked but is now discontinued.  I can’t for the life find the reader’s email anymore, but if you are reading then Dr Papadopoulos has a new range called LP Skin Therapy:

Dr Linda Papadopoulos Skincare Skin Therapy 1

Have you ever noticed how Dr Linda looks the same today as she did about 10 years ago?!

The range includes:

  • Multi-task Day Cream – £47 – 45ml
  • Overnight Replenish Cream – £47 – 45ml
  • Re-affirm Eye Serum – £35 – 15ml
  • Untired Eye Cream – £35 – 15ml
  • Lip Rescue Gel – £20 – 8ml
  • Refining Lip Exfoliator – £20 – 8ml
  • System Balance Face Wash – £15 – 150ml
  • Uplifting Facial Water – £20 – 120ml

The LP Skin Therapy range is based on psychodermatology – how the mind and stress can affect our skin, can cause eczema and increase the signs of ageing.

They day:

The range also contains a unique blend of pioneering ingredients called Nootropic cognitive enhancers.  Nootropics are naturally derived, smart nutrients that can have positive effects on the mind.  Some ingredients containing nootropics are Periwinkle extract (Vinpocetine), Tyrostan (Tyrosine) and Vitacell – thought to have a calming effect on the skin and helping regulate mood.

I’d definitely go for a skincare range like this, since I’ve tried the previous range and liked it, plus I can vouch for stress playing havoc on the skin (looking tired, much?!).

The LP Skin Therapy range is out in Harrods and QVC.

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  1. Jen says

    I tried the LP cleanser when I saw it on sale in Tk Maxx, think it was on sale for £4.99 or something, and I really like the sent of it, and it’s very gentle on the skin…I hope they don’t change the formulation too drastically! Tk Maxx is my treasure trove for finding uncommon brands :)