Dove Men+Care Skincare Range Overview and Review

Dove Men+Care is a skincare range aimed, unsurprisingly, at Men, and focuses on a few core essential products that are supposed to encourage the ‘guys’ into taking care of their skin. The range is split into types; Sensitive, Hydrate and Revitalise, although one can mix and match as I am sure a lot of people could do with a mixture of the three!

Mr C received a Face Wash, Moisturiser, Post Shave Balm and Shaving Foam to test. They also do a roll on, stick and spray deodorant and a body wash.

Dove Men Care Face Wash Posh Shave Balm

To be honest Mr C’s skin is dry and a bit sensitive but he also needs revitalising – so if I were choosing for him I’d find it difficult to pick as the differences are not as clear as ‘Dry Skin’ ‘Normal Skin’ ‘Oily Skin’ etc. Mr C said that if he were choosing for himself he would pick ‘Revitalise’ seeing as we are both sleep deprived!  So, this is what Mr C dictated to me…

Packaging – “I liked it actually”

When probed further, he said the Dove Men+Care packaging was a ‘nice shade of grey’ and ‘nice and simple’.  I said but what if it was bright pink? Does he even care about the packaging the way girls do? He said actually yes, this was nice and classic and looks ‘right’ on his side of the shelf.

Face Wash (Sensitive) – “I liked this, it felt refreshing and my face felt better”

Post Shave Balm (Revitalise) – “This didn’t sting – it had been 2 weeks since I shaved and my skin is usually quite sore after this period of time and this product didn’t hurt and was soothing”

Moisturiser (Revitalise) – “Using this in the morning – my skin feels moisturised for quite some time”

Shaving Foam (Sensitive) – “This was okay really – it foamed up well and stayed on the skin. To be honest though it’s like many other foams I’ve used.”

Texture pic:

DOve Men Wash and Care

Ingredients of the balm and moisturiser:

Dove men and care ingredients

Other comments; “One thing I noticed was there wasn’t much scent in any of the products – I do like a certain smell in my products, this one wasn’t really distinctive – Nivea for example has a very memorable scent.  I’m not saying I hate the fact I don’t remember the smell or if there even was one, just that I do like that freshness a cream with a bit of scent has sometimes.

I would go out and buy this range if it wasn’t over priced – less than £10 per item.  I feel like the range is accessible, every day range – they should’ve used some gold on it or something if it was supposed to be prestige. Does this product have Q10? ”  (he really said that).

Shaving Foam:

Dove Shaving Foam

So after testing these products Mr C would rate the Dove MEN+CARE range 7/10 overall with his favourite product being the Moisturiser. I think his skin is looking softer and better although what we could both do with is some good sleep 😀

Does the man in your life use any special products?

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    I gave my husband the Dove Face Wash and Moisturiser on his birthday. He thought the face wash was fab, but thought the moisturiser was so-so – he prefers the ‘Kyoku for men’ moisturiser.