Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair Mask & Overnight Creme Review – Part 2

I have mentioned before that when it comes to conditioners I tend to go for high street ranges because they give me the smoothest hair in the shortest amount of time.

Dove recently introduced two new additions to their Intensive Repair range, a Mask and Overnight Crème.

The Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair range includes patented Micro Moisture Serum™ and Fibre Actives™ to internally reconstruct hair and prevents split ends and breakage.

The Intensive Repair Mask is a mask you can leave on for a few minutes to really condition and treat the hair.


They say:

Dove Intensive Repair Mask includes patented Fibre Actives™ technology and Micro Moisture Serum™ to pamper your hair and repair it from the inside out.

I don’t know about you, but my hair is thick and dry enough for me to use this a few times a week!  I am always on the look out for affordable intensive masks to use instead of regular conditioners and the Dove product is a really good one.

Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Crème is similar to another leave in night cream I had; use 2 – 4 pumps on damp hair, concentrating at the ends and let it work as you sleep.  Of course this depends on whether you wash your hair at night or not! If you wash it in the morning, then you can still use this!

I used to run a bit of oil through my hair (olive and coconut) at night to get really soft hair but in the long term it was too impractical; it was too oily for my pillow, it needed washing out in the morning etc, so this kind of treatment is ideal for fuss free overnight hydration.

They say: Wake up to softer, shinier, healthier hair with up to one month’s protein loss replenished in just one night (Lost during hair wash).

This product seriously works well to keep frizzy hair like mine soft and shiny for the next day.  Just remember you don’t have to use too much for it to be effective.

The Repair mask is £3.99 for 200ml and the Overnight Crème is £4.99 for 120ml.

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