Don’t care how, I want it NOW! (Avon Spectra Color Lip, that is)

avon spectra lip.jpgI never thought I would be dying for some Avon make up, but I am. Reece Witherspoon just popped up on TV and showed me her pointy chin (love Reece by the way) and her Avon SpectraColour Lipgloss.

SpectraColour Lipgloss has a dial that turns to give you several different tones by using a number dial from pale to dark (like all the foundation products that you can ‘dial’ except this makes sense because presumably people don’t change skin tones every day but you may want a new lip colour every day!).

In the UK we have 6 shades, Browns, Lilacs, Nudes, Pinks, Roses, Wines. In the US you also have Caramels, Berries, Rasins and Peaches. I am DYING for caramels and peaches! GRRRRR!

They cost £10 each (meh – it feels expensive because – well everything feels expensive at the momentm when in reality, its quite good value for 7 shades in one.)

It will be mine, oh yes – it will be mine.

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    • Row says

      Hi Abby!

      Yep find a rep! Is it quite easy to buy in the States? You have a much bigger selection!

  1. MMT says

    I have this and LOVE it! At first I thought it would be gimmicky but I love the color, the quality and the product. I might even buy more…

    • Row says

      Ho Montana

      I think its ‘the Pinks’ (90% sure not 100%!) if you email Avon they should be able to tell you for sure

  2. teena says

    If you REALLY want those carmels and peaches I can get them for you. I am an Avon rep here is the US. send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do