Dollywink Nail Polish by Tsubasa Masuwaka Review & Swatches

Dollywink Nail Colors have been on my hit list for a while because they are just soooooo cute. There are 10 polish colours and 4 glitters in the range, 4.5ml in each bottle.


The colour range is quite nice – they vary from pastel to brights to a few neutrals and I chose a wearable pink and lilac and the matte black just because I thought it would be interesting. None of the colours have glitter in them or a metallic edge, they’re more creamy.

I picked three colours and bought all 4 glitters:


Dollywink is such a cute range although it’s quite small at the moment; lashes, liners and this polish make up the range. Everything I’ve tried from them is very good though for the price….These dinky bottles cost me about £5 each (depending on where I bought them. Some were from Alphabeautyuk on eBay and cost a bit more, some were a CP so were the same as the Japanese retail price).

I do have to address the fact that these are tiny – just 4.5ml yet the brush is quite wide and you can easily cover a nail in 2 swipes.

Yet I’ve always like mini nail polishes (like Mavala) because I rarely finish a polish anyway. But these are VERY small! If you are a regular polish user then you may be disappointed with the size.


04 Matte Black is lovely – and I don’t wear black polish (I like it for doing nail art though). It’s so opaque!

06 Pink is a pretty candy pink, very wearable but fun.

07 Lilac is a wearable pastel with no shimmer.


11 Orange Glitter – is orange with loads of gold toned glitter! A weird one this I guess.

12 Gold Glitter – is a super glittery polish with large and small chunks of glitter.

13 Silver Glitter – a clear base with lots of multi coloured silver sparkle

14 Pink Glitter – I thought this was too similar to the Silver Glitter to buy but I took the plunge anyway. This has more pink coloured glitter in it and it’s a little finer.


Matte Black – it’s no strictly a dead matte black, it gives more of a beetle shell finish. I really like it! This is just ONE coat, it’s so pigmented:


Candy Pink – I only used one coat again, another one would have sorted out any streaks. This is a super pretty pink I like it on my skintone:


Lilac (one coat again) – I have to say these polishes are super duper easy to apply and it’s easy to get a nice finish. I like the brush and it dries quickly too.


Now the glitters! Orange glitter is quite pigmented and there’s some gold sparkles and multi sparkles – it’s a funny one actually, I’m not too keen but it’s ok:


Gold glitter has large and small glitters in it. It’s quite pigmented again and works well on other colours.


Silver Glitter has small pieces of holographic silver. I like it although I think it would be better on top of something else:


Pink Glitter has finer glitter than Silver Glitter and a slight pink tint. You really don’t need both the pink and silver glitters, they are quite similar really. I prefer the Silver one, just because it’s a bit more fun.


An example of the gold glitter on top of the black:



Even those these Dollywink nail polishes are teeny-weeny I can’t help but love them! They’re lovely colours, so nice to apply and last well. I actually prefer the colour polishes to the glitter ones and on my list next, is the mint green and yellow.

What do you think of these polishes?

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  1. says

    I was so disappointed when I saw the size of these nail polishes! but the colours look so nice, I love the black! which other nail polish brands do you think are comparable with these ones?

  2. says

    They’re so lovely , I adore the packaging! It’s unbelievable that they retailed for so much, my cousin and I were browsing the aisles of the local Japanese cosmetic stores and we found them on clearance…for 98 cents! (usd)

    Oh also, I saw someone using your pictures of these swatches with the watermark cut off, just a heads up!