Dolly Lips! Melliesh Lip Gloss; Beige, Pink and Orange Swatches & Review

Sometimes a brand just totally gets me excited and Melliesh was one of them! As soon as I spotted then I picked up the lip gloss, blushers and liner.

The brand is by Yui Kanno (I think she is a Japanese model/actress) and the look seems to be the Gyaru look, in a soft, pretty form.


Melliesh also makes lashes and eyelid tape. Anyway! My gorgeous glosses! I bought three for about £9 each (the exchange rate is SO poor for us Brits at the moment) from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.

The packaging is elaborate – you know it is when it can stand up all by itself:


For the interests of variety I bought 3 shades, 02 Baby Doll, 03 Nudy Beige and 04 Juicy Orange. These lip glosses are for that sort of super nude, pastel, milky lip look that is quite popular in Japan (or from the magazines I have read!)….
Hence, lip concealers seem so popular because they help create this nude lip effect (I must have acquired about 8 of them I don’t even use them really! But my lips are naturally very pigmented).

Anyway. The Melliesh lip gloss is supposed to be a two in one – a concealer and gloss in one hence they are quite pigmented.

Even though these bottles are plain and quite small I like the design:


The applicator is a spongey one, Japanese ones are extra furry sometimes and this one is, it’s lovely and soft although a bit hard to use around the edge of the lips:


Here are some swatches for an idea of the pigmentation. You can see they are pigmented, glossy, but are settling a little into the fine lines. Otherwise the texture is lovely – very glossy and lush on the lips


02 Baby Doll – there’s about 3-4 shades of pink in the range so I just randomly choose one that seemed not too light, not too dark.

Here it is on my lips – it is settling into cracks a bit but it looks fine when it’s not close up!


03 Nudy Beige – I felt this would be too light and it is for me, although there may be a time and place for this kind of uber white-beige (not when I feel like death!). The texture is good, as I said, and it does a great job of covering the natural pink in my lips:


04 Juicy Orange was my wildcard – it’s not a shade I associate with the ‘dolly’ look but I think it’s quite interesting – a milky orange is rare!

Once again I think you have to be careful with this as it can settle into lines and you have to be careful to get a smooth surface so it doesn’t look to heavy.



I think the tubes are a little small for the price, and you must be careful with this if you have dry lips! Otherwise, I do like them and think they look quite wearable and pretty for most days.

I wouldn’t buy any more for now though, because the other shades that are left are all pink – quite similar to what I have now. If Melliesh bring out more shades, I will definitely repurchase!

Have you ever tried Melliesh?

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  1. says

    I want to try these glosses sometime…eventually.

    I would think the milky orange would look weird and orange…but it actually looks really nice. Thanks for the review!

  2. says

    List of ingredients:
    Polybutene, mineral oil, Toritorideshiru Torimeto acid, methyl hydrogenated rosin, silylated silica, tocopherol, t-Butyl, honey, glyceryl abietic ,(+/-) 202 red 201 red, one blue, iron oxide, titanium oxide, 4 yellow, apple diisostearyl

    (could you please link back if you use? ^^)

    • Row says

      Hi Syuri

      Thanks that’s helpful. If people want to check out syuri’s blog click on her name above for a link!