A reader, Quynh, corrected my spelling of the Silvara Blackhead remover – is Silara. Sorry. But as you all know, my vision is failing and chunks of glitter scratching my cornea isn’t helping.

Direct link the the Ebay seller I buy it from here. It does itch, ok don’t say I didn’t warn you, but it will make the blackhead unearth like worms coming up for rain. And with the lovely image…

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  1. Mable says

    Long time no comment! ^_^ I still remember I was supposed to show you pics of my eyelash extensions. How can I send it to you?

    Anyways, suffice to say that individuals are the way to go. If you decided to try it out don’t go for the salons that use clumps of fake lashes instead of individual ones! They were tres fab and lasted 3 weeks. Only gripe is that they are somewhat high maintience. I was only able to withstand keeping them up for 1 refill session cuz you can’t do any eyemasks or else they will loosen the glue. But I love eyemasks! Hahaha. ^_^ Although, I wake up in the morning w/ beautifully long and permanently curled lashes that I could never achieve with mascara. No one could even tell that they were bonded on! Yee! A new co-worker commented that she rarely saw Chinese girls born with such natural long and curled lashes! MUAHAHAHHAHA. I refused to let out my secret! Hehehe… XD

    Back to the blackheads…No wonder I couldn’t find Silvara. Hehehe. I went ahead and ordered it from your reccomended ebay seller. I can’t wait to try it! I just hope I don’t end up scratching my nose off…Hahahaha…

    P/S: Have you seen the new *LIMITED EDITION* Lancome elephant bronzing powder???? So pretty…!! Should I get????

  2. Row says

    Hey Mable!

    Send me the pic I want to see! at rowena AT cosmetic – candy.com. Did you curl your extentions? Can they withstand that? God I really want some.

    Let me know what you think of Silvara. I love it!

    Yessssss I’ve seen the Lancome! I think its absolutely beautiful :) But I don’t think I would get it because I have so many bronzers but it is a real beauty!