Does anyone make a nail polish for Cats?

…..yes they do. You can blame OPI:

pawlish opi cat dog nail polish.jpg

Dare me?…………* Keep your knickers on – I doubt I am actually going to try this by the way, because to reveal a cats claws, you need to press down on the paw. This means you will have to restrain the cat whilst your pressing on its paw so that the polish can dry…not very kind.

More achievable on dogs though.

The polish can also be used on humans so it the £7 I spend on it is not entirely wasted!

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  1. Nina says

    You might end up with a few scratches before you can manage to apply this on a cat! Good thing you can still use it.

  2. says

    Just do it while they’re really tired and purring on your lap. You can get a couple nails before they want you to stop (this is how I comb my cats).

    • Row says

      Hi Kaoru

      My cats are very naughty they wont sit still on my lap unless they want to do know ‘kneading’ on my boob or something!

  3. auroragyps says

    I’ve thought of painting my cat’s nails, but I can’t even trim them by myself. Besides, unless your cat gets ticked off a lot, the claws will be more in than out, so them being polished would be wasted.
    I used to paint my dog’s nails all the time when I was a kid. Our Bull mastiff had black toenails, so I used to use Wet’n’Wild multi colored glitter on them all the time. Sadly, my parent’s last dog was a male, so my father wasn’t too keen on me painting his nails. If they get a new dog & it’s a female, I’ll be making sure she has the snazziest nails in town.

    • Row says

      Hi Auroragyps

      Its true you wouldnt be able to see the polish most of the time anyway!

      Mine are very tame – they all get trimmed once a week and general grooming. I basically tamed them as much as possible but sometimes they still flip out at me :)