Do you really need this? The UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster

I got an interesting press release telling me that the UKs first Sauna Etiquette Poster had been released.

I was interested because Spas are still a new thing to me. (As my mother would say, Pampering?! Waz that?!). I still sit there like a fiddly schoolgirl, wondering if I keep my pants on or take them off, bra on or bra off, or am I supposed to have my hair down or have my hair up…etc….etc….

Thus, whenever I go for any beauty treatment I am generally quite clueless.

And let’s face it, Saunas are a funny one – I went to Titanic Spa with the Mr and we were confronted with a guy in a skimpy pair of speedos, lying on his back across the seat. He didn’t feel any need to move for us, or to….adjust himself so in the end we spent like 2 seconds in there.

Anyway, here is the poster in question:


Ok, so I like the retro design…it’s kinda cute. But do you think it will help? Let’s face it, if you have common sense and any consideration for other people you will think before you act, but some people are just useless in Spas* read segment, Less Talk, More Zzzz’s…

Also…my most recent spa visit pretty much outlined the same rules as on this poster just…in words.

I guess having it in pictures makes that little bit clearer.

So the etiquette poster says:

1. Shower Beforehand (most Spa’s say this in their instructions outside the sauna anyway)

2. Shut the door (obviously)

3. Use a towel

3. Respect Space

4. Refrain from Staring (I think some people can’t help it!)

5. Keep the Noise Down

Then the last three are just a bit pointless –

Enjoy Great Skin

Enjoy Weight Loss (ahem)

Enjoy Deep Relaxation

Useful? Or Not?

Anyway this poster reminded me of a really cool poster I saw when I visited Singapore years ago. Singapore is a remarkably well kept country – so clean and tidy and I guess this is why!


You get anything from a $500 fine for peeing in a lift, to $150 for not flushing a loo, to the cane for possessing fire crackers to the DEATH SENTENCE for possessing drugs. And you can remind yourself of this on a mug.

Anyway, have you seen anything similar to this you find amusing/useful?

Maybe this is the future? Visual rules for everything?

Dalesauna’s Sauna Etiquette poster will be available in spas and health clubs nationwide from September, including Titanic Spa, Chelsea Club and Malvern Spa.

Available for purchase for £14.99 + P&P, the Sauna Etiquette poster is part of Dalesauna’s new Hot campaign to increase awareness of spa heat experiences and their benefits.(should you have a sauna at home and invite strangers to use it).

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  1. Jen says

    It’s so funny….in Holland and Germany, me and my friend got stared at ‘cos we had our towels ON in the sauna…everyone else was walking round the spa bloody stark naked! There’s no chance I was going nekkid in front of a bunch of hairy naked German men!
    The spa etiquette sign reminds me of a cute one that was in a spa I visited in Tokyo :)

  2. says

    Does that mean that nobody smokes in Singapore? :O
    Death sentence is freaky for possession of drugs because innocent people could easily be framed, e.g. putting drugs into someone’s pocket.

    • Row says

      I’m sure some people smoke in Singapore?! Surely?! I wonder what happens with softer drugs…hmm….

  3. baby in a corner says

    $150 for not flushing the toilet! thats crazy! and the whole death sentence thing is a bit scary!

    The spa poster is funny, those things are all just good manners like you said. the ‘no staring’ cartoon is especially funny!

    • Row says

      Hi BIAC

      Yeah it is just COMMON sense and manners but I reckon someone who doesn’t know this won’t follow the rules anyway

      Yeah – don’t even think about leaving a poo baby in the loo in Singapore!

  4. emilyjane says

    Useful, no. It will make a good present for my sister in law though, she’s just built her own sauna in her garden! clever and a bit scary I’m sure you’ll agree.

  5. Jen says

    I’m loving that poster…whatever happened to common sense?!
    When me and my friend frequented a few spas in Holland and Germany, we found that we were getting funny looks because we had our towels ON inside the saunas…everyone else was stark naked!! haha Some also wandered round the whole spa naked as well (luckily not in the dry areas such as the cafe!) and spas seem to be a weekend activity over there (wish it was cheaper over here though!). Quite an *ahem* eye-opening experience!!

    • Row says

      Oh dear, I have only been in one Sauna where an OLD lady was…there with HER old lady out. It was so crigeworthy I tell you. I was there with a towel and full cozzie!

  6. Jen says

    Oh dear! I’ve got images along the lines of Bubbles Devere from Little Britain in my head haha…not good!!

  7. James says

    I’m desperately hoping to find that MUG! I’ve just broken my girlfriend’s. Any idea where to find it? So sorry for the spam.